Easter Day Theme Art Pages

Happy Easter! With everyone’s optimism on new beginning, we sure are in the mood to create beautiful works too.

Get ready to use that positive vibe to create wonderful artworks with these Easter themed Art Worksheets.

Take the colors and art materials out and enjoy these free printables for an Art session with your kids.

Coloring is a fun and educational activity for your kids. Giving them the freedom in what color to choose and exposing them to such concept is helpful to their development and enhancing their skills.

There are two Easter Activity Set in this post.

1. Happy Easter Coloring Pages

Get your Free Coloring Pages Printables here!

With these art pages, kids are given the opportunity to practice their pincer grip, eye hand coordination and develop their focus and concentration to do a task.

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Be creative and imaginative as you can on decorating the eggs to make them unique and nice. It’s ideal not to go over the lines but we’ll get there soon. We know how kids love to go creatively wild when they handle those crayons.

2. Easter Egg Decorating Pages

Get your Free Egg Decorating Printables here!

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Don’t fret if they cannot finish the worksheet provided, what’s important is that they already have an idea on what lesson you want to present. So next time it will be much easier to engage them in such activities.

These learning worksheets are in PDF format so they can be easily downloaded and ready to print just for you.

Want more free printables? Check out the following links.



I hope you are enjoying Easter Day! Don’t forget to pray and thank God for this wonderful day which is the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection. May we all have a fresh start and be more intentional in our actions especially in front of our children.

Thank you for reading. If you find this helpful, please share!

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  1. Definitely gonna print these! (With Easter being a dud this year and everything. It’s also my daughter’s birthday, so we’re trying to do any little thing we can to make it fun for her.)

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