Busy Book For Toddlers

Hey mom, how’s your child doing on his education? Let’s talk about the basic things that we should be teaching them in preparation for school.

Knowing the Alphabet, numbers, shapes and colors are starters. It will be a great foundation for them to be ready and not be overwhelmed when they enter the classroom.

And that’s why I made these printables that you can easily download, print, and cut to create your own Busy Book.

Busy Book for Toddlers Free Printables

A busy book is a great toddler activity. You can set aside time each day for lessons. Bring it when going out and be busy with during downtime like when traveling, waiting, just something to do on idle time and keep them occupied.

I have included the 4 basic lessons that parents teach their kids at home.

  • Alphabet
  • Numbers
  • Shapes
  • Colors

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Don’t fret if your kid can’t finish the whole worksheet yet as it depends on their interest and phase of learning. What’s important is that they are exposed to the activity and had an idea on what to expect in school or in a learning session.

Get your Free Printables here!

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Busy Book for Toddlers
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Download and print these learning worksheets to help your kid in learning the basics. This is in PDF file which is ready to print already.

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If you find this useful and helpful. Please share to other too and let’s learn together. Happy learning!

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  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful printouts.. It’s a great thing you shared your hard work with us just with a Noble thought. All the best..!!

  2. I was looking for something simple to start my toddler’s learning journey.
    Thank you soo much for this book, it is awesome !

  3. Thanks so much. You made this quick and easy to get actual free printables. Thanks the other blogs are so difficult but your is great and easy

  4. Hi and thanks for this great and wonderful printable. I’m so happy to have printed and will be teaching it to my toddler!!!!

  5. loved it !!!! especially when these little ones are home with out preschool due to the pandemic.
    thanks a lot !!!! loads of love

  6. thank you. your the best. There are other busy book pages which says that they are free but asks money later. Your link is perfectly free. Thanks.

  7. Excellent resources to share for preschool and primary 1

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Busy Book For Toddlers

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