Tracing Lines Worksheets

Printable: Tracing Lines Worksheets

The beginning in learning how to write is through tracing lines. From connecting the dots, tracing broken straight to circular lines and more because helps children to develop their fine motor skills.

Printable: Tracing Lines Worksheets

The following skills are practiced when they are expose to learning worksheets such as this one.

  • Develops their focus and concentration
  • Practices their pincer grip and eye hand coordination
  • Teaches them the proper way of writing from left to right, up to down

Here’s the first set of Tracing Lines Worksheets that you can download and use for your little learner.

Veer away from screen time with these fun activity ideas!

Alternative Activities for Children Instead of Screen Time

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Drawing and coloring are great introduction to writing. There are many activities you can do to teach your child to develop his fine motor skills like playing with blocks, modeling clay and other sensory toys. May I add in handling home tools such as spray, kitchen tongs etc.

Here’s the second set of Tracing Lines Worksheets that you can download and use for your little learner.

My toddler is doing great on his pincer grip now and to start his pre-writing practice we are often doodling and coloring. I am not expecting perfection here, just for him to get busy while being expose to such concept.

Download your Free Tracing Lines Printables here!

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I hope you find this Tracing Lines Worksheets helpful. Please feel free to download, print and use it with your children or students.

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  1. Hi! My daughter has started showing interest in pre-writing activities. These seems perfect!
    Thanks for the making your work freely accessible.

  2. very helpful po tlaga pra madali rin matuto mga kiddos,lalo na mahilig pa sila mglaro..

  3. Hello, Mommy! I am currently looking for worksheets related to tracing broken lines. I am so glad that I’ve landed here. Thanks for sharing! Now, your website is already bookmarked by yours truly kasi very helpful! More power! Keep on helping and inspiring!

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Tracing Lines Worksheets

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