Free Printable: All About Me

The start of school is approaching and what better activity to do than fill out this fun “Getting to know you” worksheet.

Free Printable: All About Me

This is an exciting way for students to introduce themselves in a more creative manner. From doing lasting the pictures, thibking of their favorite foods, color and more, they are happily busy.

Another thing to look forward here is their presentation of their artwork. It’s always a great way to practice kid’s communication skills and even the way they interact with others through questions and reactions of the group.

Here’s a look of the All About Me worksheets that you can download later for free.

Free Printable: All About Me
Free Printable: All About Me

You can choose from these 2 options depending on how in depth you want to know your kids/students. The more you know about them, the better you can relate and maybe share things in common.

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So are you ready to download the All About Me worksheets? Just want to drop a few reminders.

Download the Free Printable: All About Me here!

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Free Printable: All About Me

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Free Printable: All About Me

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