Free Printable: Alphabet Flashcards

Children are yet to develop their focus so when it comes to learning we have to be more mindful of the materials to use and how we present it to catch their interest and hopefully for them to engage on the activity. And one effective solution for that is the use of flashcards.

Free Printable: Alphabet Flashcards

Flashcards have been use as an introduction to many topic, images and concept. It practices the skill of memorization through repetition in which kids are known for. Preschool students are very open to the concept of routine and consistency.

That’s why in their start to learning the Alphabet, It is highly recommended to use flashcards. So i made these cute and colorful ALPHABET FLASHCARDS that you can easily print, cut and get ready to use on your next learning session.

Here are sample images of what’s in the set that you can download later.

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Since we’re discussing about how kids learning, let me point out


  • VISUAL – They prefer to see a representation. Picture and images to explain the concept.
  • WRITTEN/READING – Through writing notes, the better they remember.
  • AUDITORY – Through spoken language and recitation.
  • KINESTHETIC – Hands-on learning. I think this is the best way to learn as they get to experience it first hand and apply their thoughts and understanding.
4 Types of Learners


Download of these printable allows you for a single classroom or household use only. You may not sell, share, redistribute any part of it (electronically or hard copy.)

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Free Printable: Alphabet Flashcards

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