Coloring Pages for Kids

Color makes everything brighter and lively. To teach our kids coloring has many benefit.

It’s an easy and fun task so kids are interested in the activity. No wonder it’s one of the basics of learning. Very good for starters.

Benefits of Coloring for Children

Here are the top points that our kids get when they are expose to coloring activities.

  • Develops focus
  • Practices Pincer Grip
  • Good for Eye-Hand Coordination
  • Encourages Creativity and Imagination
  • Object Familiarization

Great list, right? I’m sure you want to get your kid started as soon as possible and with that let me share with you this free printables that will surely get them engage to coloring.

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Coloring Pages for Toddlers

This is an Animal Theme set because I know how they love animals at this stage.

It’s also an exposure for them to these gentle creatures that they will surely be fascinated with.

They can express and have their imagination go wild in choosing the color they want. But of course, with the right guidance we can assist them on the proper color of the animals.

This can be cut after or simply be posted on your wall art.

Get your Free Printables here!

Coloring Worksheets for Kids

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This is a collection of 13 pages which for sure will entertain your kid for a long time.

Busy and learning. Exactly what we want our kids to be doing. And may I suggest nursery rhymes as background music while they’re working to reflect an educational set-up.

Let’s our kids the outlet to express their creativity. It does not need to be perfect as the important thing is that they are exposed to the activity. Giving them idea on how it works and soon enough they can do it in their own and more.

Want more Free Printables? Check out these links.

Please feel free to download and print the PDF file and share it with your fellow parents or teachers who you think will have a use to it.

Thank you for reading. Happy learning!

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  1. Mom Nessly ! Thank you po for sharing this printables ! Malaking tulong po ito para sa anak kong magkikinder . God bless you po 🙏

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Coloring Pages for Kids

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