Date Night Ideas To Sparkle Your Marriage

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How long have you been married? Do you have kids? When was the last time that you two had some alone time where you actually get to do a “couple” thing?

Date nights may seem ideal at the moment especially if you are working or too drained from being a SAHM. If that’s the case then this set is for you for they are perfectly tailored to busy parents.

Sparkle in Marriage needs effort and determination. You may have been consumed by parenting duties but I encourage you to set aside some time for your spouse to intentionally steer the relationship away from thriving.

Here are some easy, fun and less expensive ways to enjoy your bonding time with THE ONE.

Date Night Ideas To Sparkle Your Marriage

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Date Night Ideas for Busy Parents

1. Watch Movies Together

I remember when Avengers: Infinity War was released in theaters, there are some facebook posts enumerating all the previous Marvel movies in chronological order so you can watch them before the Infinity war to fully understand it.

Date night idea is the first thing that pop in my head. This can last you a full week or month depending on your free time as parents.

Commit to it by serving good food, popcorns, beverages, lights out and set-up for your most comfortable movie viewing.

2. Do Grocery Together

Wouldn’t it be nice to take your time choosing between products, walk your own phase, just drop things in the cart and have someone to carry and load the grocery items in the car for you?

And to get the most of it, go get some snacks after? and maybe just have take out for dinner so you don’t have to worry about cooking once home.

As errand time as it may sound, a little alone time between you two is all that matters.

3. Have a cooking showdown

This is not meant for side by side cooking but for alternative meal presentation.

Let’s say you are to serve an amazing lunch on Sunday while he do dinner. The kid gets to judge who he likes best and come on, deep inside you’ll know who really wins.

A promise of something material or great passion (wink) from the loser is a good motivation.

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4. Massage Your Partner

With just the right pressure, a semi-dark room, a scented candle anD classical music ambiance you’ll achieve pro level in no time.

There are plenty of massage tutorial videos available in YouTube.

Put in an effort to get the strokes right and your partner will appreciate this and may ask for a repeat.

5. Go Down Memory Lane

This is best done on Anniversaries.

Remember the place where you’ve first met, the places you hang out as boyfriend, girlfriend. If you’re school sweethearts, go to your university and play remember when…

6. Try Something New

It’s always a pleasure to learn something new with someone familiar. Agree?

May it be a new restaurant, mall, park, hotel, or adventure, discovering something new together gives you both a sense of excitement.

Another twist you can make here is to take turns suggesting ideas for your next activity.

7. Dream Together

Do a comfort cuddle and envision your future.

What are your family goals? Share your vision with your husband so he knows your desires.

Dream together, its free you know.

One day, you’ll be glad to look back on that conversation you had and be grateful that it has become a reality.

It is a blessing to have a husband who listens and works his best to give you the life he thinks you deserve. Tell him your thoughts so you two can work on it together.

Never assume that he already know. They are boys afterall, they need telling for they claim that they are not sign or mind readers.

Marriage tip: Never forget to say these three magic phrase to your spouse. No matter how long you are in the relationship.

Thank you, I love you and Take care

In a Marriage, its actually the little things that matter. Sure, a grand gesture, especially on big occassions is always welcome but looking at the big picture, its the meaningful appreciation that counts.

These are our date night ideas that works for our Marriage. I hope that I am able to share some good tips that you can do with your own relationship.

Whatever it is the you are doing as long as you do it together is what makes it special.

Date Night Ideas for Busy Parents

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Your time may be focused on your kids and I truly understand that, you may even say that you have no ME time. But Marriage is important and should be a priority too because if it fails and so is the family.

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Try and learn to make things balance. Make an effort and for sure it will be rewarded too. A love between parents is a vital model to instill the virtue of commitment to our children. Let’s make sure to reflect a happy home with loving parents.

I did an infographic for this topic and shared it to my social media accounts. Please check them out here

Any more date ideas or suggestions I can add here? Let me know in the comments section.

Thank you for reading my post. If you find this helpful, please share.

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  1. Awww these are so sweet! I don’t think a cooking throwdown would work for us (because I’d kick his butt) but I LOVE the idea of doing something new together! I think that would be a great goal, to do something new together once a week, or a month!

  2. These are great ideas and budget friendly too! We are on a tight budget right now but it doesn’t mean we still can’t make time for each other.

  3. A great reminder that simple activities done together can be fun. It’s challenging to find date night activities while trying to balance out life with two little ones.

  4. My husband and I love to watch movies together on Friday nights when our daughter falls asleep. It’s as close as we can get to date night!

  5. It is hard to find time for date night! Sometimes I feel like we go days without having a simple conversion with each other without a kid between us. These are some great tips!

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Date Night Ideas To Sparkle Your Marriage

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