How Motherhood Changed Me

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Motherhood. What a big responsibility with its unending tasks and lifetime commitment.

It changes a woman in so many ways. The selflessness to the point of servitude is one I never expected. I am happy that I am giving everything to someone for he is my favorite human in the world because I made him 🙂

how motherhood changed me

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How Motherhood Changed me

I read this quote during my fourth trimester while painstakingly breastfeeding my newborn and couldn’t agree more. Whether its too much hormones or exhaustion, I embraced that quote and it was forever etched in my mommy moments.

Fast forward to now as I endure my way to Seb’s toddlerhood, that very behave newborn (before) gave me so many lessons in a short span of time.
Closing in on his 3rd birthday, it made me reflect of how I too as a mother has changed as he grows.

Let me share my thoughts, complains and wishful thinking on How Motherhood Changed Me.

How Motherhood Changed Me

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How Motherhood Changed Me

1. A different view and respect to parents, especially to mothers.

Ever since becoming one and experiencing how it is, I found a new level of love and respect to my parents. I love seeing my dad become an adorable grandfather to my boy. Knowing now how much it takes to grow a child, their sacrifices and effort for me and my sister. I take pride in their parenthood and wishes to do the same to my children.

I lost my mom to Cancer in 2007 and life has never been the same. I wish for her to be here now more than ever as I want to learn more from her, know her experience during my growing years and simply see my son be cuddled by his Mama.

I am envious of others who can still claim that life does not come with a manual, but it comes with a mother. With this in mind, I aim to live healthier in hope to live longer for my children.

2. Learning not to judge others easily but instead to look on my own first.

See that mom who yelled at her child in the mall? Parents who gave their son an iPad while dining in a restaurant? A dishevelled child on his way to school?

There’s a back story to all of it. It’s easy to judge them right then and there for the adult’s wrong doing, but what if you know the reason why she yelled, why they resulted to screen time and the kid looked untidy. Would your reaction changed? Most likely, yes.

If you are in the same situation you might have done the same thing. Try to understand and refrain from judging negatively. After all, no one is perfect and everyone is just doing their best.

3. My perception of Screen Time.

The Consequences of Screen Time to Toddlers

Speaking of judging others, up until I was pregnant I view screen time as a bad thing. Telling myself that I will not expose my child to gadgets.

Fast forward to now, guess who’s taking her words back. As I mentioned in my blog post entitled: Alternative Activities for Children Instead of Screen Time.

It is inevitable I tell you and please do not judge me for this. I believe that screen time is not bad. Depending on how you let your kid get exposed to it, It’s a simple matter of balance, knowing when is too much and what to do about it.

Read more of my parenting view and tips about screen time in my related blog post.

Alternative Activities for Children Instead of Screen Time

4. Wet wipes as my lifesaver

How Motherhood Changed Me

If you’re not using wet wipes for cleaning your baby, the mess and everything else, are you even a mom?

Wet wipes is a mother’s side kick. I could never live and leave the house without one.

5. I am more flexible and my standards changed.

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My expections on how it should be shifted to as long as its working and safe. This mom has no time for perfection especially when my toddler is crying his lungs out.

I can do multi-tasking on a different level, I can eat with one hand, I can catch vomit, I can do a super smelly diaper change in a public restroom while apologizing, I can eat my child’s food leftovers to name a few of my more flexible moments.

Reading this now, I’ll change that to most flexible 🙂

6. Baby friendly factors to consider when going places.

How long is travel time? Is there a breastfeeding room available? Is the restroom clean enough for diaper changing?

Thankfully, most malls and public places nowadays have these amenities making it easier to parents with babies.

7. My Priorities and Dreams

I dream more for my family than myself. I see the success of my husband as my own and my child’s little achievements as my reward.

I buy more things for my child, my husband and the household.

Don’t feel sorry for me as I am happy to do this. To be here.

Blogging had given me a new version of myself where I can express myself and do so much more than just mommy things.

My husband is truly my other half as he never let me fade into Motherhood. He always asks for my needs, my wants and desires and do everything he can to give me what he thinks I deserve and its always so much more than I can think of.

I hope you can read my Marriage related posts too.

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8. I am a changed woman.

I am a better version of myself. I learned to cook and budget, I am more intentional of where to devote my time and effort. I have a more positive outlook for the future. I long to live a life with love and less regrets.

My socialization, sleep and luxuries may take a step back for now but they will always be there when I am ready. My son’s childhood is passing by the day and I will never miss any part of it. I want to be there in every little step he take. Let me savor my baby.

9. Motherhood is discovering a love you never knew existed.

How Motherhood Changed Me

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Being mom is the best feeling in the world!

To moms reading this, can you relate? The feeling of carrying your baby, hearing his laugh, watching him have fun and do other kid stuff is elating.

How about the feeling of simply being with your husband and kids, spending time together at home doing simple things. The sheer joy of contentment and security knowing that everything you love is there with you.

I may be getting emotional now, but this is Motherhood as I can best describe it.

how motherhood changed me

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Becoming a mom had given me a chance to be part of something greater, something huge yet very inclusive. Ain’t no hood like Motherhood as they say.

And with this, I’ve gathered my mom friends to come up with their How Motherhood Changed Me insight and here are their wonderful thoughts.

Motherhood changed my every move in life. I no longer just care for myself. I no longer get out of bed everyday for myself. I have a little person that depends 100% on me. My entire outlook on life has changed for the better. 

Mom Tricia |

I Still Cannot Believe I Am a Mom…

Motherhood taught me a lot of things. It has changed me to cherish every moment and to appreciate and enjoy those little things in life. Even the clutter, messy kitchen and all that tiny things around me now. Remember that nothing goes according to plan in this new life, and expecting the unexpected is crucial for our sanity. Gone with the party nights with friends, it’s more of a Disney Movie Night now. I am supremely lucky to hold the title “Mom” and I’m exactly where I’m meant to be.

Mom Jheng |

7 Things I learned after I became a Mom

Motherhood changed me for the better. It fulfilled my true purpose in life and gave it the meaning I always dreamed about. 💜

Mom Heather |

Tackling the Different Phase of Children with Confidence!

Motherhood changed everything for me. Before becoming a mother, I enjoyed going out with friends, staying up late and not having a care in the world. But when I became a mother, all of this changed. I changed. I’m no longer the carefree girl I used to be, instead my family is my everything. My kids are my main concern. I constantly worry if I’m doing things right. Being a stay-at-home-mom is the hardest, most rewarding job I’ve ever had. And you know what? I love my life more than I ever did before.

Mom Tracey |

How Motherhood Changed Me

Motherhood changed me in many ways… being a mother didn’t make me into a morning person but I did wake up every morning. 
Motherhood didn’t make me anymore active than I was but I couldn’t be lazy anymore… After becoming a mother I became a better person. Who can survive all kind of chaos and still have a smile on the face to tell my bubs that everything is going to be good! Made me brave, I’m still scared of spiders and dark but never in front of my kids! I’m the toughest and bravest person they know… 

Mom Huma |

What it’s REALLY like being a mum?

I have changed so much as a mom— and each of my children have changed me even more. My patience has grown. Being a parent has required so much patience and it has allowed me to grow so much as a person. It has also tripled my heart. I am full of so much love. This also makes me way more emotional. We went from never crying at a movie to boo-hooing at a simple children’s movie, hallmark movie… or basically any sweet reference to parenthood. Being a parent can be challenging but it’s also the best thing that’s ever happened to me. 

Mom Lauren |

How Becoming a Mom of Three Has Changed Me

“How motherhood changed me… It is impossible to count the ways. I am more patient, more compassionate, more understanding. I have had to be. Raising another human being is a huge responsibility and I love that I have been entrusted with it. Knowing I have two little lives who depend on me helps push me to limits I never thought I could reach. It is the most wonderful and most challenging journey I have ever been in, but I know I am a better person since becoming a mother.”

Mom Talya |

Confessions of a Real Mom

Getting pregnant and giving birth are truly life changing!
Here’s some of the major changes that happened since….

M – greater Maturity. I grew tremendously in the aspect of being mature – having a more matured outlook in life and being more understanding of the things around me, both in life and in my work.
O – more Open. As if a magic wand was waved after I gave birth, I all of a sudden became more open to the differences in personality and points-of-view.
T – more Thoughtful. I think that I have always been a thoughtful person. However being a mom multiplied that 10 or even 100x. You know how when you become a mother you think about yourself, your kids and your husband and your family (Parents and Siblings) and relatives (extended family) all the time.
H – Happier person. I became a much happier person.
E – Energy level went up. I used to be monotonous when I speak and generally with a phlegmatic personality. As I raise my child, I found myself more animated and more energetic and speaking with her and even in thinking of the fun things to do. I guess, that is called for when you are a mom.
R – much more of a Risk-taker. While other moms become more risk-avert, I became so much more of a risk-taker. Perhaps this is because my drive to succeed multiplied and with that I had to make calculated risks.

Mom Emily |

Do You TALK With Your Baby?

I hope you can visit and engage with their blogs and links which are all written with mom love ❤

My greatest admiration to mothers. We may not be perfect, but our kids do not need a perfect one, they need a present mom.

I hope I am able to share some positive thoughts and reflection on this “especially for mom” blog post.

If you like what you read and find this helpful, please share.

With much love,

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  1. I loved reading this and how motherhood has developed you into who you are now. I’m so sorry you lost your mom. Keep up the good work!

  2. I will never be the same woman I was before. I am so much stronger and so much more capable. Also, so much more tired haha.

  3. Motherhood really changes you. I’m a mom of 3 and each time I’ve learned something different about myself. For sure, wet wipes are a game changer. I used them before kids, lol

  4. Now that I’m a mom I feel like I feel things more strongly — and not just bc of postpartum hormones 🙂 My kids opened me up to greater experiences of love, happiness, fear, anxiety, exhaustion, busy-ness, uncertainty, ALL OF IT! My heart is beating just under my skin now, it seems.

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How Motherhood Changed Me

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