The Millennial Moms PH Mom Tribe Meet Up Experience

A good support system is essential to Motherhood. Not only from your spouse, family and friends but also from fellow mommies who really had been there and done that.

Mom friends, kumares, tribe or if we’re being cool here… squad 🙂 whatever you call them, One thing is for sure: We need them to keep sane from Mom life.

Online or offline, I am thankful to all these wonderful mothers who extend themselves to help me with my mom struggles.

The response to my first time mom questions, the relatable “so true” replies to my mom memes posts and even the simple emoji reactions make me feel a part of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Leggings 🙂

Speaking of Mom Tribe, Let me share with you my most recent mom event:

The Millenial Moms PH Mom Tribe Meet Up

Mom Tribe Meet Up

Held last January 26, 2019 at the Eastwood Mall near the cinema lobby which is a truly fitting venue for this specific event. I need to mention this for future attendees reference.


The venue is near Kidzoona, Mothercare, Cuts for Tots, Gymboree, Toys R Us and other baby stores.

You can go with your family and have the children spend some time in Kidzoona while you attend the event and go malling with the family after. How great is that? Pang-mommy venue talaga!

Back to the Mom Tribe Meet Up, The January 26 event is the first for 2019 and their topic on Family Goal Setting is a good header to this new year. Speaker and host Ms. Mindy Cabudol engaged us with her own family stories and experiences which are truly relatable in every home. My takeaway from this is that all plans need to be SMART.

Specific. Measurable. Attainable. Relevant. Time-Bound.

I enjoyed illustrating my family vision and showing it to my toddler once home (see his revised version on the photo below).

The thorough discussion of the difference between an adult and a baby’s skin brings new information making me more selective of my bath product purchases for my child. I also enjoyed the demonstration of bathing a newborn which gave me new tips and hacks that I can apply in the future.

But what I truly enjoyed is how relatable and friendly everyone was. Friendships were easily formed, topics are so easy to relate to, game questions are so motherly and one of my event highlights – the lootbags and giveaways from their generous sponsors.

freebies from the Mom Tribe Meet Up

You know you’re a mom when your heart goes giddy with free household and baby products!

Its also a great feeling to know that proceeds from the event go to their sponsored school. Aside from the fun meet up, learnings, and awesome freebies, you even get to help students with their education. What a productive event indeed.

The January 26 Millennial Moms Ph #MomTribe Meet-up is co-presented by @eastwoodmall, @aveenoph, @johnsonsbabyph, @sweetbabydiapers and @tempraph.

The lootbag and giveaway sponsors are @caprichopambahays, @betadinefreshblissph, @betadinephils, @giantcarrier, @lafilipinaph #lemonsquarecheesecake, @megamalunggay, @momenursingwear, @pascualcreamydelightyogurt, @rsgkphilippines, @vpharmaph and @zyji_shop.

#MomCommunityPh #MomTribe #MomTribePh #MillennialMom #MillennialMomsPh

To the mom reading this, I encourage you to experience the meet up. Follow their Facebook and Instagram or visit their website to be updated of the upcoming events and giveaways.

Millennial Moms PH has a lot to offer and its such a joy to be a part of. I am looking forward for more empowering mom events like this in the future.

Well, there goes my Mom Tribe Meet Up experience.

To other moms who attended before, how was your experience? Let me know in the comments below.

*featured photo grabbed from the Millennial Moms PH Instagram account. Credits to the rightful owner.

3 Responses

  1. T’was fun event and even more fun with you as my groupmate. That was my first time to attend the mom tribe and it did surpass my expectations for a mommy meet up. I was overwhelmed by the freebies and was just as glad as everyone in the crowd.

  2. Great to meet you here mommy. It was really fun to attend the millennial moms mom tribe meet up and yes this is one of the mom community I always look forward to when I became a mom. Hope to see you again 😉😊

  3. Hi Sis. I had so much fun din during the event. I really like attending events like this kahit nung buntis pa lang ako. Why? Because of the new things I’m learning and Mommy friends na nakikilala ko, plus of course yung mga freebies. Hoping to meet you again sa mga future events😉

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The Millennial Moms PH Mom Tribe Meet Up Experience

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