Get Your Toddler Busy with Flashcards Matching

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Its given that toddlers do not have the ability yet to stay put for a long time. They want to move, run, jump and stay active always. That’s why phrases such as “stop that”, “keep still”, “wait” and the likes do not work – most of the time.

And as a mom who wants to introduce my child to the basics of learning, I work around this active trait and do my best to engage him thru play while learning.

Get Your Toddler Busy with Flashcards Matching (

Flashcard learning is a playful means to teach children new words and concepts. As simple as they are, the impact of recognition and repetition is huge for your toddler to be familiar with the lesson presented by the cards.

Just the other night as my toddler was down for the night, I created a set of flashcards of the objects that he is already familiar with. I chose his favorite ones to add on the entertainment factor.

I have all materials ready for our activity and comes the next day, the toddler is excited for his new activity. He had fun placing the objects to the matched card and the apple – he loved it at first bite and so I gave it to him as snack😊

Get Your Toddler Busy with Flashcards Matching (

The objective of the activity and preparation of materials are simple. And if you want to add more items the greater time it will keep him busy.

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I hope that I am able to give you a tip for your next toddler activity, I will keep adding more of ours to share our tried and tested ones.

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Get Your Toddler Busy With Flashcards Matching (


What are your learning through play activities with your toddler? Share them with me, I am looking for more ideas.


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  1. Yes its sort of similar with a memory game. Try this for an enjoyable activity with your great grand kids. Thank you for reading my post.

  2. Yes try it for your next toddler activity. I’m sure they will enjoy and learn at the same time. Thank you for reading my post.

  3. This sensory play is truly beneficial on a child’s development and I love how enjoyable it is even to parents. Yes, this activity definitely veers us off screen time.

  4. Visuals AND physical touch games are so good for young kids. Glad this is taking them away from screen time !

  5. Flashcard matching is one of the only games that my special needs daughter liked to play when she was younger

  6. That is a great idea to effectively engage them of their grasp on the lesson shown through flashcards. I will try that too with my son😊 Thank you for reading my post.

  7. I love the idea of using flash cards. If use this with just letters for my pre schooler and he can run round the house looking for an object that starts with that letter. He loves being active!

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Get Your Toddler Busy with Flashcards Matching

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