Get Your Toddler Busy With Sensory Play Using DIY Moon Sand

Toddlers are comparable to gadgets in the sense that sleeping is equal to charging and when they sleep for long good hours they woke up fully charged 100% energized to their full potential. That’s why I always research on activities that he can do when he’s up.

From our past trips on the beach and indoor playgrounds I observed that Seb enjoys playing with sand. It keeps him occupied for a very long time just scooping… and so my wish of having one of those sand boxes in our home is realized but space and maintenance is an issue and so I dropped the idea and settled into those occassional visits.

Get Your Toddler Busy With Sensory Play Using DIY Moon Sand

Get Your Toddler Busy With Sensory Play Using DIY Moon Sand

But then comes the solution (thank you, Pinterest) and its oh so easy to DIY that I did it a few hours after reading the pinned post. Let me share with you the process, experience and outcome of  Sensory play using Moon Sand.

First, let me highlight the benefits of the activity because its always a parent’s aim for their kids to learn while playing.

Sand play is open-ended and the child leads the path of his own play and since there’s no right way to play with sand he can maximize the use of his imagination. It also expose the child to texture familiarization. Then there’s the eye-hand coordination, cause and effect and thinking skills.

The benefits to reap are huge and its a simple mix of ingredients, so yey! and another good thing, no worries if he got curious and put it in his mouth as its all natural.

What you will need: Flour and Vegetable Oil

The thing is there’s no need for exact measurements as it depends on the texture you are aiming for and since I have little flour left on our pantry I didn’t actually get to fill a deep tub as I want to and so enter the little basin😑

Whenever I have an activity planned for Seb I am excited for him to wake up because whenever he sees the set up his face lights up!

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Here are the photos of our Sensory play using Moon Sand:
Get your Toddler Busy with Sensory Play using DIY Moon Sand (
Get your Toddler Busy with Sensory Play using DIY Moon Sand (

It was mess all over and at some point he threw the sand as if its confetti, tipped the basin, sat on it and the best of them all, lay on it as if to nap so comes the hair dandruff effect. In that Pinterest post they don’t have that, but I am a toddler’s mom and should have known better.

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Get Your Toddler Busy With Sensory Play Using Do It Yourself Moon Sand (

It was a fun activity and the mess is manageable since its flour and easy to clean with water. It took him almost close to 2 hours before he’s done and wants a different environment.

Indeed it was a success and we will definitely do it again, this time with a tub full quantity I hope😊 Go ahead Momma, try this for your next bonding time.

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  1. I am going to have to try this with my little one! Looks like fun for both of us and it will be a good way to introduce him to sand.

  2. hahaha. how can you ever escape? sometimes when i feel like the mess is doing my head in, i get the urge to tidy up but guess who’s behind me making another mess? lol.
    i try not to get too OC on cleaning. she will only be a child once and someday i might even miss the clutter — a sign that an active toddler is around. i just wanna enjoy her at this stage.
    don’t you just love looking at your kid play? i could watch her play all day and wonder what she’s thinking.

  3. Try this one soonest as its so fun both for mom and baby. As for the mess everywhere else… I know, right? 🙂

  4. We tried moon sand at the museum and Jay loved it! I’ve been meaning to google a recipe, thank you for sharing! I’ll definitely try it! Happy Teaching!!

  5. my kid doesn’t like the sand, for some reason. i’m hoping it’s just a phase she would outgrow. i like this idea. i might even try it out when we get a bit of sun so we can play in the backyard and i wouldn’t have to worry about cleaning up the flour mess, on top of all the mess she has made everywhere else.

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Get Your Toddler Busy With Sensory Play Using DIY Moon Sand

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