Quick and Easy Loaded Taco Fries using U.S. Frozen Potatoes

My family loves to eat! Sharing meals together has always been a priority. As a mom and assigned “chef” of the house, I make sure to come up with delicious and healthy dishes for us to try.

Nutritious food is a must in our home, especially since we have a senior and a child to feed. They also tend to eat less, so we have to ensure that they consume enough to meet the recommended daily values of nutrients.

This can sometimes be a challenge. We lean towards cooking the same food over and over, particularly when we’re too busy with our work and other chores. So, I try to find time to pre-plan our meals and add as many fruits, vegetables and other whole foods to our dishes.

Thankfully, everyone loves to eat fruits and vegetables at home, and a family favorite is the humble (but mighty!) potato. Why? It’s budget-friendly, we can get them in stores virtually anywhere, it provides tons of recipe options, and most importantly, it’s a source of essential nutrients.

Potato Nutrition

  • An excellent source of Vitamin C
  • A good source of potassium (more than a banana)
  • Are naturally gluten-free and packed with nutritional benefits
  • Only has 110 calories per serving (5.3 oz, skin on)
  • A good source of Vitamin B6 to aid in metabolism and other brain functions
  • Fat, sodium, gluten, and cholesterol-free

Quick and Easy Loaded Taco Fries using US Potatoes

Let me share with you my Quick and Easy Loaded Taco Fries recipe using U.S. frozen potatoes. This is my kid’s favorite and I’m more than happy to serve this to him! He sometimes even helps me prepare this, which makes for a fun (and messy!) bonding experience.

You will need:

● olive oil
● onion
● garlic
● 1/4 kilo ground beef
● salt and pepper, to taste
● 1/4 kilo frozen straight cut potatoes
● diced tomatoes
● diced onion
● salsa
● cheddar cheese dip
● cabbage, shredded
● spring onions, diced

Let’s start cooking!

1. In a hot pan, heat the olive oil then add onion and garlic. Add the ground beef and mix until slightly toasted. Add salt and pepper to taste.

2. In another pan, heat the oil until ready for frying. Add in the frozen potatoes and cook until crispy.

3. Set aside the ground beef and fries and prepare to assemble the Loaded Taco Fries.

4. On a plate, put the fries and add the ground beef on top.

5. Put the diced onion and tomatoes. Add the salsa and cheddar cheese dip.

6. Finish by adding the cabbage and spring onions.

5. Put the diced onion and tomatoes. Add the salsa and cheddar cheese dip.

6. Finish by adding the greens on top. The sliced cabbage and onion spring.

Voila! You are done and the Loaded Taco Fries is ready to serve. Enjoy!

It’s really, really good. It has the crunch of the taco, but more filling and yes, more delicious! Just the perfect dish to munch on while watching a movie or simply having casual conversations with the fam. Will definitely be creating more recipes with potatoes soon! If you have your own potato recipe, comment below and let’s share ideas!

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Quick and Easy Loaded Taco Fries using U.S. Frozen Potatoes

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