Tips to Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise!

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In this blog post, I will share my journey of losing weight fast without exercise and no any supplements, special diet products consumed to achieve my weight goal. Tips to Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise!

I am a mother. And since confirmed pregnant my body has not been my own. From pregnancy, breastfeeding, toddlerhood to present. My child is my priority.

But my busyness in taking care of my family left me to complacent to my own needs. I just go through every day without even checking on myself. How am I doing?

There’s always a trigger. A simple reaction from someone that may offend you and decide then and there that this is it! Well, it happened to me, with a photo.

Tips to Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise!

Tips to Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise!

That fat girl with big arms, Made me looked twice as I do not recognize myself. Is that really me? Plus the feeling of always being bloated, getting easily tired, the realization that you eat close to 3 cups of rice every meal! And you only stop eating when you felt that you can’t take another bite. That was me for a year! I am not checking my weight, my clothes have been limited as they’re too tight.

Another trigger that hits me. I am buying pants and my waistline is 32 already and still, I’m uncomfortable. I don’t feel good and confident trying on new clothes, I don’t feel like buying because what fits me is usually not my style. That was a sad shopping day.

I blame the pandemic. Because I always stay home that I do not see the need to be presentable for others, the convenience of food delivery, the new offers of must try foods, that I can eat whenever I crave. But of course, I know it’s all me. And it is only me that can change me!

In this blog post, I will discuss my journey of losing weight fast without exercise and no any supplements, special diet products consumed to achieve my weight goal. How? Let me tell you!

Tips to Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise!

1. Water Therapy

Tips to Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise!

Water is your friend. No calories, no sugar but can make you feel full. Avoid soda, milktea, juices, coffee etc. Even if you’re eating out. Just drink water. Cold water is okay.

Let me share with you my few tried drinks in my diet journey.

Water with lemon, cucumber and chia seeds
Ginger and lemon water

These are great options to try too. The ginger and lemon water is specifically for burning tummy fats. You can drink it before every meal so you will feel full and eat less during meal time.

2. Portion Control

Lessen your food intake. If you can’t live without rice, No need to eliminate. Just eat 1 or 1/2 cup every meal. Eventually, your body will adjust and you feel full faster. Eventually, you can do no rice for dinner.

Make sure that you eat well in small proportions. More on fruits and vegetables. Healthy options.

3. No Sugar and Less Salt

Back then, I can order a Red Ribbon Chocolate Full Roll or Conti’s Blueberry Cheesecake and eat it for 4 days, just me. I will have it as a dessert, merienda, and midnight snack with hot coffee or flavored juices. I am also a fan of zesto and milkteas. I can finished a one liter of wintermelon milktea just because I am bored. Doritos, Pringles, Cheetos and all that are my go-to munchies while watching Netflix.

But then I stopped and watched my sugar intake. The first few days are hard. But eventually, you will feel the guilt whenever you crave. I still have my sugar sometimes but I just taste a little bit to satisfy it.

I also veer away from chips and have carrot and cucumber sticks instead.

I sometimes drink black coffee with stevia for energy. Taste good yet less calories.

4. Drop the Food Enhancers

What I mean here? The things that make your food better. Ketchup, Mang Tomas for fried chicken, patis for sinigang, toyo for pritong tilapia. See where I’m getting at? Just eat the food as is. If you’re the one cooking, make sure the flavors are there already. So no need for sawsawan.

5. Intermittent Fasting

Tips to Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise!

Just the basic concept that you stop eating at a certain time. FAST. And you resume eating on a certain time. FEAST.

This may sound intimidating and hard but really it’s not.

I do a 16 hours fast. Since I am not a morning person and don’t eat breakfast. I start my feast at 12:00PM for lunch where I eat any ulam available and 1 cup rice, then merienda and dinner no rice. I stop eating at 8PM which is the start of my Fast.

Like any other things, It is hard at first but gradually you will lessen your food intake. Your body will adjust and it will become easier.

I do not limit myself on any food. I still eat rice, bread, pasta, cake… Anything I want but with limit. Especially for foods that are rich in sugar and carbs.

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Tips to Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise!

6. Consistency and Determination

Before, I used to have a cheat day. But now, I don’t have it anymore. I just do the meal proportions and limit my sugar and carbs intake.

I do not weigh myself frequently as I want the surprise that I am losing kilos every week.

My first week, I lost 4 kilos instantly. From 64 to 60kg which pumped me more to continue this journey. At around 2 weeks I slowed at losing 2 kilos and continued until I reached my weight goal. From then on, I do the maintaining.

I don’t exercise because it’s not my thing. I am too lazy for that. My house chores are enough to get me moving.

Tips to Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise!

I am happier as I get to wear my old clothes again, shopping is more fun now. I am energized, my body feels lighter and overall healthy. I will continue to do this as we are planning for another baby and hopefully, fingers crossed.

Tips to Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise!

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Please note that I am no expert in the health field but just sharing my own weight loss experience. Mom to mom. I hope that my readers, can get a few tips from here and will apply it to their own journey.

Thank you for reading. If you find this helpful, please share. Feel free to ask me questions on the comments section below.

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Tips to Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise!

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