AllHome: One Stop Shop for All Your Needs and More!

Home is a safe haven from the worries of the world. It’s where we feel safe, comfortable and loved. But with the new normal, Home has been a workspace, school, playground and other functions for family members to stay at home and be safe.

I do my best to love and protect my family by making our home a sanctuary — where we can relax, have fun and be nurtured. Achieved through simple yet meaningful actions such as preparing home cooked meals, ensuring enough rest, maintaining a clean environment and nurturing a happy relationship.

As a mom, It’s my responsibility to care for this space. That’s why home decorating and home improvement is natural to me. And this is where AllHome comes in…

AllHome offers DIY Hardware, Appliances, Construction Materials, Flooring, Furniture, Homewares, Linens, Sanitary ware, and more! The complete store for all your home needs! It’s a haven for homemakers.

Just this weekend, we visited my happy place to buy some storage for Seb’s accumulating toys. We’ve been practicing toy rotation and this is a good way to organize and clean his room.

But first, the plantita in me cannot resist the beautiful foliage display with these colorful flowers. I have acquired a few as it can make a room livelier. A little greenery indoors is refreshing.

I spent a lot of time cooking and I continue to grow my kitchenware. From sturdy basic tools to decorative sets for a more presentable dining experience. Since eating out has been limited, I learned special dishes to serve my loved ones. This mommy chef leveled-up and so is my kitchen. AllHome offers a lot of options for your kitchenware and I keep coming back to their wooden collection!

We yearn to rest in our cozy beds, fresh sheets, clean rooms and homey ambience. One of my tips to achieve a sanctuary is through scent. Engage the sense of smell to achieve a feeling and scented candles can do that. I love how AllHome has a wide array of these products. From the basic need lights to scented candles with lasting fragrance. Vanilla, Lavender and now Eucalyptus are my favorites. Interested on that beach walk variant though…

Seb chooses his own things with my final approval of course! And this ambulance storage box/chair and colorful shelf are winners. Function and style indeed. I love how it can make his room organize yet in good form and can even be part of playtime too!

We are planning for another room makeover and canvassing for furnitures and appliances here at AllHome is easy. Add in the assistance of very helpful and informative salespeople. I love how well-organized and labeled everything is! The room set-up display inspires me for more ideas on mixing and matching the items.

So if you’re looking for your home essentials, decorations, appliances, furnitures and other needs, Visit any AllHome stores! With a wide selection of products and services, value for money, convenience, and excellent customer service, This one stop shop is a must-visit for all homemakers to transform their place into a beautiful sanctuary.

You may also visit their website and enjoy the hassle-free experience of shopping online through AllHome online shopping site that offers fast delivery, convenience and easy payment terms. Follow AllHome Official Facebook page and Instagram account for more updates.

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AllHome: One Stop Shop for All Your Needs and More!

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