Promoting Mother-and-Child Bonding through the Power of Touch

We had a December to remember because we celebrated the holidays as a family. Back from his work, Daddy, Seb and I enjoyed the Christmas Season very much.

But now that the festive season is over. We’re back to the reality of living with the Pandemic. Now more than ever, the records are high, there’s shortage of medicine, Alert Level is up and lockdowns are back.

Seb’s school is currently on a wellness break which is something new to us but a very much needed pause to help people recover from sickness and give time to deal with health and family issues.

In this time when children are the most vulnerable and are greatly affected by these circumstances of the Pandemic and tag-lamig season, Mommy’s love and care are a comfort. And my love language? #HaplosMommy because action speaks louder than words. The Power of Touch can work wonders to show love and provide warmth to my child. A mother’s touch is a form of affection and relaxation that creates an avenue for bonding and connection between a parent and child, influential in child development. Massaging also promotes healthy blood circulation.

IPI Aceite De Manzanilla | momnessly

I vividly remember how my Mama would use IPI Aceite De Manzanilla on me when I was young. I had hika until I was seven and it was her “magic potion” whenever I feel sick. From kabag to massaging my back, my many moments of “Mama Massage” is something I treasure. And now that I am a mom, I ensure to recreate that special bond with my child.

IPI Aceite De Manzanilla is a trusted brand and household staple that promotes relief and relaxation to help alleviate child body discomforts such as cough (ubo), cold (sipon), fever (lagnat), and kabag (colic) that are provoked during the tag-lamig season and which are at times a symptom of the virus. It’s safe to use as it’s made of natural ingredients such as Chamomile which is a natural antidepressant, helping babies/children relax and go to sleep.

IPI Aceite De Manzanilla  |  momnessly

You know you’re a mom when you understand night shifts with a child. That feeling that you’re all worn out from doing your mom chores all day and want to rest but your kid is still full-charged, energetic and keeps playing in the wee hours of night. I have been doing this for years now and I learned a few tricks to get Seb ready for bed.

With my #HaplosMommy and the scent and warmth of IPI Aceite De Manzanilla, I help him to feel at ease, ensures that he feels well and provide optimal care. Our mommy-and-child connection is enhanced and it’s the perfect time to share stories and answer his many, many curious questions.

Mommies, in this time of uncertainty, we’re all doing our best to provide protection for our family. And one of the things we can do is to be a meticulous/segurista mom. Be keen on facts and to not just believe myths or pseudo facts. It’s nice to know there are avenues such as the #AskDocADM series to help us be well informed. A resource of health facts is what we need most especially nowadays.

IPI Aceite De Manzanilla is a good choice. It helps alleviate child body discomforts and not just kabag. It is a great, safe, and natural alternative as it is a genuine solution which has also been used by multiple generations rather than ingesting chemicals and applying unproven solutions. It does not cause pneumonia as the illness is cause by bacteria and viruses.

IPI Aceite De Manzanilla  |  momnessly

Keep in mind that both viral and bacterial pneumonias can cause the child’s cough to last for weeks after the fever has stopped. Symptoms will only worsen in the following days unless they receive immediate and proper medical treatment.

Please note that every child has a unique and different skin sensitivity which also differs on his/her condition. If there’s any adverse effects such as skin irritation and redness, kindly discontinue the use of the product and consult your doctor. For pregnant and lactating women who want to use IPI Aceite De Manzanilla, it would be best if you first consult your doctor.

IPI Aceite De Manzanilla  |  momnessly

How about you, mommy? What do you do to ensure the safety and well-being of the whole family especially with the conditions now and during this tag-lamig season? Share on the comment section and let me know.

So, what are you waiting for? Practice your #HaplosMommy and enjoy a moment of happiness and great bonding time with your child. IPI Aceite De Manzanilla is available in all leading drugstores, pharmacies, supermarkets, groceries, convenience stores, and sari-sari stores nationwide. Visit the IPI Wellness Flagship Store in Shopee and Lazada.

Keep safe, everyone!

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  1. Malaking tulong po talaga itong IPI ACEITE DE MANZANILLA sa anak ko . Narerelax at nakakaramdam po siya ng kaginhawaan kung pinapahiran ko siya nito . Mabango pa ..
    Minsan nga din po gumagamit ako nito .. 😊

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Promoting Mother-and-Child Bonding through the Power of Touch

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