Sanofi Supports Gising Gising PH’s New ‘Panata’ Box to Awaken a Healthy Lifestyle among Pinoys

The pandemic may be the most pressing health issue we’re facing today globally, but diabetes and other lifestyle diseases are also considered global health emergencies. In the Philippines, diabetes is one of the leading causes of deaths. 3.7M Filipinos are diabetic, and this number is expected to grow to 7.4M in the next 5 years.

And in our current situation in this pandemic, patients with lifestyle diseases are more vulnerable because they have a higher risk to develop complications and severe COVID, since they are likely to have other comorbidities such as hypertension, obesity, and heart disease. This makes it that much more important to know how to manage diabetes and hypertension properly in the long run.

Sanofi has been committed in addressing the challenges faced by the patients of lifestyle diseases with their efforts to make holistic treatment options more accessible to Filipinos. They have Empower, a patient support program where nurses and nutritionists provide personalized coaching. INSPIRE, a capacity-building program that empowers healthcare workers on the management of lifestyle diseases. They also have strategic partnerships with Ayala Healthcare, Watson’s, Rose Pharmacy, and South Star Drug for prescription delivery to bring treatment closer to more Filipinos who need them. And now they are extending their support to Gising Gising PH’s efforts to zero-in on food insecurity and eliminate one hurdle towards getting proper nutrition for diabetes patients.

54.9M Filipinos suffer from food insecurity. Of this over 21M Filipinos are suffering from moderate to severe cases, and over 4 Million families are experiencing extreme hunger brought about by the pandemic.

Gising Gising was founded in April 2020 with the mission to fight food insecurity and serve communities — from the local producers/agricultural sector, to people suffering from food insecurity, and finally to customers. They’ve built a model that allows them to help customers help people who are suffering from unemployment, poverty, and other factors that lead to hunger.  Their concept is simple — buy a box, share a box.

For every Panata Box sold, Gising Gising PH shall also share a box to patients from the Philippine Diabetes Support. The Philippine Diabetes Support is an organization that helps spread awareness on this lifestyle disease.

They currently offer 6 boxes on their website:

The Gising-Gising Box is your Pinoy produce starter box and comes with all the good stuff you love in classic Filipino dishes. Gerilya Box works for those who are carb conscious and are looking for better starch alternatives and protein-rich vegetables. Agimat Box contains vegetables high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Bahay Kubo Box is a limited edition box that comes with your classic Filipino favourites. The Prutas Box is filled with locally sourced fruits in season. And the Panata Box is their newest addition. It  contains high fiber, low glycemic index/glycemic load fruits and vegetables that help in diabetes management.

Proper nutrition is one key component in fighting the battle  against diabetes and other lifestyle diseases. It is in line with Sanofi’s holistic treatment to educate patients with the proper nutrition in order to help manage their conditions.

‘Panata’ is also a word that strongly resonates with Sanofi. Their ongoing campaign to build a healthier Philippines is aptly called their Panata Campaign, in which they focus on playing an active role in the treatment of lifestyle diseases through holistic treatment options and innovative solutions among other means to improve lifestyle disease management among patients.

It is through initiatives like these and objectives that align that we will be able to help unburden the healthcare system as we try to address the roots of the challenges that surround patients.

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  1. Ang gandang partnership naman po ito ng Sanofi at Gising Gising PH .. BUY A BOX , SHARE A BOX . Every mabebenta na Panata Box, magbibigay ang Gising Gising Ph ng isang box sa mg pasyente ng Philippine Diabetes Support . Malaking tulong po talaga itong ginagawa nila . Kaya saludo po ako sa mga taong nasa likod nito ! Sana ay marami pa silang matulungan ..

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Sanofi Supports Gising Gising PH’s New ‘Panata’ Box to Awaken a Healthy Lifestyle among Pinoys

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