How to Teach my Toddler to Talk?

Does my toddler have Speech Delay? What can I do to encourage my child to talk? What are the words that a 2, 3 year old should know? These and more “My kid can’t talk yet!” questions I asked myself BEFORE.

Fast forward to now and I have a talkative 5 year old about to start Kindergarten. No more talking woes for me. And I am writing this because I want to help you fellow mama!

Speech Delay vs Language Delay

Terms that are usually thought to be alike when they aren’t. SPEECH DELAY is the act of talking. The mouth forming to produce sounds and say words. LANGUAGE DELAY is the comprehension and communication. The words, sentence they form to make sense and be understood.

How to Teach my Kid to Talk? MomNessly

From my personal experience, there are 2 important factors that play a role in your child’s ability to talk. Let me discuss that further.


Is he an only child? Is he with a constant playmate? Are there just Daddy, Mommy and Baby in your home? Or…

How many siblings does he have? Is he playmates with his cousins? Are you living with extended family? This also applies to those who live in a close-knit community.

A child’s environment plays a big part on his ability to talk. With the words and songs he listen to, the conversations around him, even the languages spoken at his presence. Add in the movies and videos he watched on screen time.


This is the part where parents or guardian come in. What are the activities we do with him? Does it require for him to communicate? To answer? To make a choice? Or are you the type to always do things for him. Pick for him, answer for him. A classic example of this is if someone ask his name and age. With a little lull, you tend to step-in.

Your participation on his learning process is a big help and the right support he needs to achieve that milestone.

How to Teach my Kid to Talk? MomNessly

What are the Tips to Help your Toddler Talk?

1. Sing Songs and Read to your Child

Not specifically Nursery Rhymes. It doesn’t matter what song. For the book? Does not have to be a Children’s Book. What matters is his exposure to the words and how it works.

2. Provide Prompts

Give opportunities for him to talk by asking questions. You can start with a simple yes or no, let him say what he want, not point. If he looked at you blankly, name his choices like what do you want? Blue or red?

Lull is normal and we as adults tend to take it as negative. My advice? Wait it out.

To get your toddler talking, you need patience and consistency. This is somethibg new to him and it is your job to teach and encourage that he can do this.

3. Don’t Baby Talk

What are the disadvantages of Baby Talk? They learn the word as you say it and understood how it’s used when you say it.

Another classic example is the word wee-wee for pee, and even birdie for penis. Though cute and kid-friendly, It will serve you better if you just start with pee and penis.

It is important to teach kids the proper name of their private parts. Penis and Vagina for their own protection.

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4. Label

Name the thing that you are talking about. Refrain from using this and that. Make your child repeat after you.

5. Talk More

Do not lose hope if you feel that it’s a one-sided conversation. The feeling that you’re just talking to yourself. He is listening. Believe me! Soon, you’ll be suprised that he knows a word and uses it correctly.

Tell a story, describe something, answer your own questions. Exposure and absorption is happening with your constant talking.

How to Teach my Kid to Talk? MomNessly

Don’t do this mama…

Compare your child to others.

Though they are the same age and gender, It is a different situation they’re exposed too. As mentioned, Environment and Encouragement plays a big role to teach your child to talk.

Be Complacent.

They say to wait it out and patience is key. BUT know when to draw the line. Be aware for concerning red flags and have a plan of action should you feel that something is wrong. Seek the help of experts.

And those are my Mommy Tips to encourage your toddler to talk. I hope that you found new determination to improve your toddler’s speech with these methods that I applied to my own child.

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How to Teach my Toddler to Talk?

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