Fun Printable Materials for Homeschooling with Canon PIXMA G3010

As mommy teacher, it is our job to give our kids the best learning experience at home. We start by exposing them to different textures, the messy arts and crafts, drawing of their favorite animals, learning through play, outdoor explorations and fun printable materials.

And that’s what I want to talk about and get you excited on this post! The many benefits of using printable materials to teach your kids about concepts.

What are the basic concepts that I should teach my kid?

  • Tracing lines
  • Parts of the body
  • Alphabet
  • Numbers
  • Shapes
  • Colors

It may be a lot but trust me, based from experience your kid can learn all this pretty quickly with the right exposure and teaching approach. Fun and cool printable materials work! They learn to identify, cut, color, trace, draw, write and eventually read from them. All a big help to homeschooling mommies like us.

I will show you here my own set of #momnesslyprintable

With all these free downloadable available online the only thing you need now is a reliable, efficient printer to be your homeschooling printing partner and I highly recommend my mommy approved CANON PIXMA G3010.

Why CANON PIXMA G3010 is the perfect homeschooling printing partner for you?

Homeschool Essential Within the Budget

For only Php 9,195 mommies can enjoy high volume printing up to 7000 pages and lower printing cost per page of .05-.06 centavos. Perfect for high printing demands of family for homeschool, work from home, and fun printing with kids.

Wireless Printing or Ease of Use

Helps moms multi-task at home by printing activities from mobile phones or tablets.

Worry-Free with Warranty

With automatic 2-year warranty and No Print Page Count; print as much as you need and want without having to worry that you exceeded the page count limit for warranty offer, because there’s no limit!

***No Print Page Count- Warranty will be covered without any page limit as long as within the warranty period.

We’ve done a lot of printing and learned so much from these cool printable. We did flashcards, arts and crafts, wall displays, coloring pages, stickers, worksheets and more! The possibilities of activities and experiences you can try is up to you. The Canon Pixma G3010 is always ready and available to print your materials anytime you need it when most convenient to you.

But being mommy teacher is just one of our many roles and I know how moms can be super busy that at times, we need to keep our kids busy while we work at home. That’s where the CREATIVE PARK comes in.

What is Creative Park?

Creative Park is a website from Canon providing free templates of different printed materials like origami, board games, puzzles, cards, scrapbook etc. that are all in PDF format and can easily be downloaded for your homeschool fun.

Why CANON PIXMA G3010 is the perfect homeschooling printing partner for you?

Check out these awesome materials we got from the CREATIVE PARK.

I love how Canon responds to our needs as consumers. Taking into consideration the features that will be most convenient for us, creating a resource for free educational templates and all these at a reasonable price that’s worth investing in.

So, are you ready for your next learning session? I bet you’re excited to try these cool printable and activities with your kid. I am one happy mom as I get to share with you these useful tips, materials, tool and resources that you can use to make homeschooling easier and more interesting for your little learner.

And just a reminder, the goal is not perfection or for them to finish the activity on time but for them to be exposed on the concept and experience. With consistency, soon, they will get better and be more focused as intended.

Here are the links of my basic concept printable so you can download them too.

Tracing Lines
Parts of the Body
Alphabet Tracing Set
Alphabet Flashcards
Number Tracing
Tracing Shapes
Animals Coloring Pages
Busy Book for Toddlers

For more information about the Canon Pixma G3010, Check out the following links.

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Fun Printable Materials for Homeschooling with Canon PIXMA G3010

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