Why, Hello There Flowers!

Every day we get updates about the pandemic and it mainly affects our mood and it is quite depressing to hear the news, nevertheless we find ways to brighten up our day and make us forget the effects of this pandemic for a while.

Why, Hello There Flowers is here to perk us up! These flower arrangements are made by florists and floral designers who has decades of experience from Australia and Dubai they create sophisticated and elegantly arranged bouquets and flower boxes. The concept of arrangements is sophisticated, graceful and elegant. Names used are personal choice of the founder according to the arrangements look and personality. Their flowers are carefully selected and handpicked to bring quality products and services backed up by competitive pricing.

Why, Hello There Flowers is flower-shop that is always ready to cater to “I forgot” moments because they deliver within just a couple of hours. It is very a reliable flower shop because they will go out of their way to give you that specific flower you are looking for and they will make sure that every surprised moment of the receiver will always be present. Why, Hello There Flowers offers same day delivery of custom bouquet and it also offers free delivery within Metro Manila. They have a 24-hour ordering system on their website that will be very convenient for you. They are an all-around floristry that caters from thank you gift to a full event like weddings or even designing your very own personalized contemporary Christmas trees.

Why, Hello There Flowers!

Time has not stopped and put even more relevance with the pandemic situation where the future is uncertain therefore every moment and every occasion has to be treasured and one way to keep your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual intimacy is by sending flowers to loved ones without having to leave the house – for safety. Send them flowers and make them say – Why, Hello There!

Visit their website http://www.whyhellothereflowers.com/ or call +639179619994 and follow their Instagram account @WhyHelloThereFlowers.


The reason why our brand is premium is because we use mainly Ecuadorian and Holland flowers.

Smallest flower is local rose, medium is China rose and the largest one is Ecuadorian rose

Why, Hello There Flowers!

It is approximately the size of your fist which is pretty much the size of your heart. It still varies but Ecuadorian roses are always large and colors are always the most beautiful.

Why, Hello There Flowers!

A thoughtful gift for any occasion that will surely be appreciated. If you are thinking of what to get for someone special get these breathtakingly beautiful flowers!

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  1. I’m not the type that likes being given flowers much, siguro if nakapaso pa? as in plant na, haha! But these arrangements are lovely. If I were to choose floral arrangements, ganito ang gusto ko. When I got married, someone offered to make my cake. Parang ganyan ang flowers on top ang gusto ko. Kaso nilagyan ng doll! Eh free kasi, so hindi ako nakareklamo hahaha

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Why, Hello There Flowers!

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