How to Apply for A Newborn Birth Certificate in the Philippines

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Are you a first-time mom or parent and expecting a child soon? There are many things that needs to be done when you have a baby. From preparation, taking care of the baby, postpartum and even processing the papers to register your beloved child as a citizen of this country. And that’s what we will discuss on this blog post.

Birth Certificate is a very relevant document because it’s a requirement that you would need if you are to enroll your kid in school, registering to vote, applying for passport, getting married and other legal transactions that needs proper documentation.

I talked to my mommy friends and they told me that applying a birth certificate for a newborn is really a bit time consuming. Just like what I experienced before with my first born! But it is worth the effort when you got the document on your hands.

Applying for a birth certificate right after we gave birth is simple yet complicates things if we delay it beyond time.

So mommies, let’s discuss some details which can help you apply for a birth certificate for your little one.

What is the procedure in getting a birth certificate for your baby?


The most exciting part of having a baby is choosing a name for him/her. What are the things to consider when naming your baby?

  • Do not give a child with 3 or more names
  • Check the initials
  • Make sure that the name is easy to ready and pronounce
  • Easy to spell

Yes, its your child, your rules. But please be practical, do your kid a favor and choose a name wisely.


Prepare your official certifications prior to delivery just so everything is in order. If your child is born in a hospital, the forms is provided by the Medical Officer-in-charge. Make sure to fill this out accurately and spelled right do avoid delays and corrections down the road.

Please make sure that you are of sound condition when filling out this form. It is strongly advised to not do this yourself but assigned to your husband or a family relative. All details here will be crucial to your kid’s certification so ensure that all data are valid.

When done with the forms and all documents have been submitted to the Medical Officer-in-charge, the hospital will forward this to the Local Civil Registry within 30 days from birth because if delayed, it will fall under the late registration category.


If I remember it correctly, I claim the certified true copy of the Certificate of Live Birth from the hospital’s medical records one week after my child’s birth.

This certified true copy of the Certificate of Live Birth will be submitted to the Local Civil Registry to be stamped, authenticated and encoded in the Philippine Statistics Office for statistical purposes. You will received one for keeping.


It may take 3-4 months and a few inquiries on the status of the Certificate of Live Birth but when ready, you can easily order via

Here’s their updated website for each Civil Registry Document.

How to Apply for A Newborn Birth Certificate in the Philippines deliver nationwide within 3-4 working days for Metro Manila, and 7-8 working days for provincial orders.

You may now order your PSA certificate of Live Birth, Marriage and No Marriage (CENOMAR) online! They accept VISA, MasterCard, GCash, and PayMaya for online payments. You may also pay at 7-Eleven, Bayad Center, and over-the-counter channels via Dragonpay.

How to Apply for A Newborn Birth Certificate in the Philippines

To know more about their services, check out their Facebook page and Instagram account.

And that’s it. Processing and receiving your child’s BIRTH CERTIFICATE is vital to his/her identity. It is up to us parents to handle it well and without problems so when needed it won’t be a hassle anymore. Make sure to keep it and duplicate for safekeeping.

I hope that this guide answered some of your questions about the process. Best of luck in doing your own application and congratulations on your new blessing and bundle of joy!

How to Apply for A Newborn Birth Certificate in the Philippines

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