Why the Whole Family Loves Potatoes

Because there’s a potato dish for everyone! May it be for kids or adults, Surely there’s a treat that will fit their mood and taste buds.

Let’s dig deeper and know more about this well-loved vegetable and learn just how nutritious and versatile the humble potato is.  I hope this article will make you realize that Healthy Eating is really not hard.

In this blog post, we will answer these questions:

  • Are potatoes good for you?
  • Are all varieties of potatoes equally nutritious?
  • Are fries and potato chips healthy?
  • Facts on potato nutrition.
  • U.S. potato product availability.

I love potatoes! Potato fries, mashed potato, hash brown, croquettes, potato soup and potato chips are just some of my many favorites. Potatoes are one of the most versatile whole food ingredients used in cooking. In fact, you can use them in almost any meal. They work as an effective extender for dishes, thickener for soups, side dish, entrée, dessert, and more. They make many of our Filipino comfort dishes extra flavorful and tasty!

What is not to love about potatoes? They are versatile and present in many dishes, whether for everyday meals or for special occasions. You cannot call it a poor man’s food because it is present in every dish, whether rich or poor, gourmet or simple. Whether it’s for a simple home dish or fancy platter, potatoes have become everyman’s food.

Chef Myrna Segismundo

Are potatoes good for you?

Yes, potatoes are naturally free of fat, cholesterol, sodium, and gluten. It is an excellent source of vitamin C and a good source of potassium. Such food may reduce the risk of high blood pressure and stroke.

Potatoes are nutrient-dense, complex carbohydrates. They provide the body with much-needed energy and help sustain this energy throughout the day.

Are all varieties of potatoes equally nutritious?

All varieties of potatoes are nutritious and, while both the type and amounts of nutrients may vary slightly depending on the variety, the differences are minimal.

Are french fries and potato chips healthy?

Staple foods such as fruits vegetables and whole grains should be eaten every day, while fried foods and high fat snacks should be viewed as occasional treats. Understanding the impact that fried foods, like fries and chips have on your overall eating pattern makes it possible for you to “make room” for them as occasional indulgences.

Facts on Potato Nutrition

Why the Whole Family Loves Potatoes

Now that you know the facts, are you ready for more Potato Goodness?

Product Availability 

U.S frozen potato like straight-cut fries, curly-fries, waffle-fries, tater tots, hash browns, etc., can be found at the frozen aisle of groceries nationwide. 

U.S dehydrated potatoes – like potato flakes, potato granules, potato flour, etc., are available at baking supply stores or message Potatoes USA-Philippines Facebook and Instagram for a list of suppliers.

U.S table stock/fresh potatoes – like russets and fingerlings are not available in the Philippines year-round. Check the produce section of the store near you (Metro Manila and Cebu).

With potatoes, you can try and prepare many dishes to serve the whole family. From easy and quick recipes to classic cuisines, they will surely be a hit! The possibilities are endless given that potatoes have become an indispensable ingredient in Filipino cooking.

Sharing here some potato dish photos that I usually serve to my family. From the usual hash brown and mashed potato with mushroom gravy, to special dishes like Afritada and Caldereta. I also included our healthy snack which I often serve – Croquettes.

I hope that I was able to share the goodness of potatoes and their many benefits. I also hope the science and nutrition-based facts helped dispel misconceptions about the super spud.

So why does the whole family love potatoes?

Simply because they are delicious, versatile, easily available, and affordable. We’re obviously potato lovers, and potatoes are a staple in our kitchen, a must-have to keep my family healthy and tummy filled always.

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  1. I love the diversity of potatoes in dishes. They can be prepared and seasoned in so many different ways.

  2. They are so versatile and make such a great side for so many dishes. However my family really loves them in the morning when I make pancakes or latkes!

  3. I like potatoes and always have them in our house. Yes, potatoes are a healthy and versatile food indeed.

  4. My family loves potatoes too. I add them to casseroles, bake the, make potato chips and gnocchi out of them. Any dish with potatoes is always a winner in my family. They especially love my overloaded baked potatoes. 🙂

  5. We love our potatoes and have just grown some this summer. Such a versatile veg which is not only tasty but perfect to be added into curries, stews, stir-fry, pot roasts or just eaten on its own.

  6. totally agree with you..and yeah there is no any other vegetable like potatoes and they are all time fav of every person as they are so delicious and proteinous one..great work though…

  7. Aww I’m Filipino too and potatoes are essential. Caldereta is a great dish! Potatoes go great with everything.

  8. We all LOVE potatoes! I love that there are so many ways to make them and use them. Our favorite is roasted potatoes.

  9. I love the versatility and taste of potatoes. The whole family does. It’s great to read how many health benefits it also has.

  10. Our family loves potatoes so much because it is always available in the market, it’s delicious, it’s healthy and it is so easy to make a dish using a potato.

  11. We love potatoes!! I use them to make homemade fries quite a bit and I use sweet potatoes to make curries. Super delicious and nutritious!

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Why the Whole Family Loves Potatoes

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