My Monsterpiece

Monsters are dark and scary creatures. It used to haunt us in our dreams and are often said to live under our bed.

Well, that’s all in the past as they are now considered adorable and funny, thanks to Disney’s Mike and Sully.

Weirdly cute are what most monsters have become and they definitely catched our kid’s attention.

That’s why for my next printable, I decided to make a MONSTER theme but in a fun and creative way. With this template, they get to CREATE THEIR OWN MONSTERPIECE!

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However they want it to look is up to them. Let’s see their imagination and self-expression go wild on what they will draw.

This Art Activity tapped on different learning skills such as:

  • Develops focus and concentration
  • Enhances their color and shapes knowledge
  • Practices their pincer grip and eye hand coordination
  • Helps in self-expression and fuels creativity and imagination

Download your Free MY MONSTERPIECE Printables here!

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A perfect activity for Halloween but not solely dedicated to it as monsters are fun for all seasons.

Ready your art materials because you can explore different drawing and art techniques with these learning worksheets.

They can do cutting and pasting, drawing with pens, markers, colors and other tools.

This is an open-ended and explorative art session. Again, perfection is not key but the kid’s exposure on the concept of art and composition.

Make them hang it proud on a wall art and maybe you can do flashlight story telling with it as a character on some nights.

They can name the creature too, like that of a pet which is another engaging task.

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Don’t fret if your kid can’t finish the whole worksheet yet as it depends on their interest and phase of learning.

If you find this useful and helpful. Please share to other too and let’s learn together. Happy learning!

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  1. This is so cute! My almost 5 year old would love this! She loves “art time” and being creative, so this is right up her alley.

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My Monsterpiece

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