Reap the Rewards of Weekly Meal Planning

What’s your menu for today? Do you have anything planned or will wait for last minute to whip up something on the kitchen.

Since cooking and preparing food is a constant task especially for us – chefs of the household. This has been a daily struggle.

It has been proven that MEAL PLANNING works. Let me count the ways why this technique can make our lives easier and can do wonders in our savings too.

The Benefits of Meal Planning

1. Made us conscious of food serving and options

Planning ahead on what to serve for the week provides the opportunity to evaluate the variety of food we serve to our family. The variation of meat, chicken, seafood and vegetables.

This gives a closer look on how healthy do our family consume for the week. Make sure to alternate your food selection just to give space for our digestion to rest on heavy meals such as steak, pasta and the likes.

2. Saves Us Time and Effort

Aside from easing your worries on what to cook it also gives you more time to buy ingredients, defrost meat and do food preparation.

A grocery list is a must have whenever you go to the market just to be sure that you are not forgetting anything. It will be a bum to be ready to cook a dish then you got one missing ingredient.

3. Less Food Waste

Food savings because you get to check on what items are still left on the pantry which you can use next for another meal.

4. Save Money

And of course, Money saving as it avoid you to buy unnecessary items that caused to exceed your monthly budget for food.

It may seem overwhelming at first but once you get in the program you will be more excited to do it and soon enough this will become an automatic task weekly.

I have created a WEEKLY MEAL PLANNER just for you! Download here now.

I hope you find it useful as I did. With one less thing to think of for the day, you can be efficient and do more.

And that means less time in the kitchen and more time for your family and even self-care. Now that sounds wonderful!

For more free printables, please see my printables page.

If you find this helpful or useful, please share with other moms too so they can be more organized and productive as well.

Happy planning and cooking. And just a mommy to mommy advice. Don’t sweat the small stuff, dear. You got this!

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Reap the Rewards of Weekly Meal Planning

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