Identifying Fruits and Vegetables Learning Worksheets

What’s your kid’s favorite food? Are they picky eaters? Or slow eaters? Mine takes the slowly but surely lane and I’m not complaining as long as he eats healthy.

Fruits and vegetables are power foods especially to growing toddlers. They need all the fuel they can get to support their very active lifestyle.

Is your child familiar with fruits and vegetables? Maybe not all but how about the common ones? Those that we usually serve?

And so I am presenting these learning worksheets that may help with their familiarization with healthy foods.

Identifying Fruits and Vegetables Worksheets

You may discuss this before serving food just as an introduction on what they are about to eat. Get them excited on the benefits it can give them.

They may be more fruits and vegetables to cover which I will try to add in the next posts.

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These learning worksheets are a great tool for them to be more focused, practice their pincer grip and eye hand coordination. This can help them too with object familiarization so the next time they see it on the market or wherever, they already know what it is.

Download your Free Printable here!

Fruits and Vegetables Learning Worksheets

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This is a PDF file so it’s print ready for your next learning session. I hope that through this the kids will be more interested in fruits and vegetables so they will want to eat more of it and reap the many benefits especially for the development.

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Don’t lose hope in teaching when your kid doesn’t finish the worksheets as they may not be in the mood for study time, they need a break and more encouragement from us. What’s important is that they are introduced to the concept and soon enough they will get it and learn better.

Thank you for reading. If you find this helpful. Please share. Happy learning!

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  1. During this crazy time In the world and our children not being able to go back to school and families now having to home school these pages are wonderful help for my soon to be kindergartener. Thank you for making them printable

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