Connect the Dots

Can your kid count? Because in this next activity counting is a requirement for them to finish the task.

But no worries is this is not math. But art through connecting dots. Fun, right?

Following a sequence helps to improve the skills of children like reasoning, logic and solving problems.

The numbering is 1-20 per worksheet. Once connected they form a cute animal which they can color as creatively as they want.

Free Printables: Connect the Dots

From elephant, fish, rabbit, turtle, dolphin and octopus. These choices will surely keep them engage in tracing and counting.

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You can also cut out the traced animal once done for your kid to play with.

I added a little tracing too for your kid’s handwriting practice. Let’s enhance that pincer grip and eye hand coordination.

Download your Free Printables here.

Connect the Dots PDF file

Our little ones love animals and I find that they are more excited in an activity that involves things related to it. I will do a dinosaur theme too as my boy adores them. How about your kiddo?

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Download the ready to print PDF file now and enjoy learning together.

If you find this helpful, please share! Have a great time learning.

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  1. Thank you so much for all this printables, they have been so helpful. You are so amazing.

  2. Love these they are so cute! Im going to print the bunny one out for my son for Easter!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing! My son isn’t quite old enough to do this yet but I am pinning for when he is! 🙂

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Connect the Dots

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