Why Saving Water is a Serious Matter

Water is life. We need it to survive. It’s a big part of our everyday living. We all know this and yet we don’t care enough as we assume that it will always be there.

Our tour of the Angat and Ipo Dams was a breath of fresh air, source of new learning and an eye-opener as it made me more conscious on water usage and be an active campaigner of Water Conservation.

How MAYNILAD delivers potable water?

Before it reaches our household, it goes through a lot of process and treatments to end as potable water with good quality that’s safe for our consumption. The water is regularly tested to ensure that it meets the Philippine National Standards for Drinking Water.

The water from our faucets is safe for drinking.

A new information that I am most interested to know. Imagine the savings we can have if we were to stop buying mineral water for drinking. But I guess, the switch will take time as this has been a practice and concept we’ve all been accustomed to.

These days, Water Supply is an issue due to the rotational water service interruptions and shortage in some places. As consumers it’s easy to complain, put blame and be frustrated, but hearing Maynilad discuss the real deal on this matter gave me an open mind and changed my perspective altogether.

Points to Ponder

  • National Water Resources Board (NWRB) is the government agency responsible for determining the allocation of raw water supply from Angat Dam.
  • Last June 2019, NWRB reduced water allocation in an effort to preserve the remaining water in Angat Dam which plunged to below-critical levels due to scant rainfall.
  • This reduced allocation forced the water concessionaires, including Maynilad, to implement daily rotational water service interruptions to maximize limited supply.
  • These adjustments are part of their Augmentation plans to ensure sufficient water supply (especially this coming summer).
  • They are doing efficient and prudent ways to improve and maintain facilities for stable services. They are also working on several mitigating measures to mitigate the supply shortage, like reopening of deepwells, use of unutilized untapped rivers in Cavite , and optimization of its two treatment plants that draw water from Laguna Lake, the PWTP to add to the available raw water supply and minimize the impact of reduced raw water allocation from Angat Dam.
  • Maynilad’s coordination with the Government and Adherence to Standards.
  • Unceasing campaign on responsible use of water and more.

Sapat ang tubig kung responsable ang paggamit.

Whether we like it or not, Climate Change is here. The severe and unpredictable weather has a huge impact on the Dams’ water levels. The authorities are doing their part and so should we as we are all part of the cycle.

I am glad to have been part of this tour with my fellow mommy bloggers as we are frontliners in water consumption and with this realization, we can start from each of our own family. To teach our kids, household help and others within the community to practice water conservation.

Have you seen Maynilad’s Facebook Page? It is very informative and timely on reminding us to Save Water, maintain cleanliness and many more.

Check out these links to know more about them.

Twitter @maynilad

Maynilad Hotline 1626

I hope that I am able to impart useful and reliable information. Enough for you to take a step towards change while we still can.

With this, Let me share a quote with you. “No water, no life. No blue, no green.” Think about that.

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  1. It’s nice rin talaga na you go out and see for yourself ano ba ung situation para mafully understand mo. Dahil sa simpleng field trip na yan, naunawaan ko bakit ba need ng rotational water interruption at mas lalong pahalagahan ang mga resources na meron tayo.

  2. “The water from our faucets is safe for drinking”. isa yan sa talagang tumatak sa isip ko. Ang dami kong natutunan sa dam tour natin, narealized ko na talagang #teameffort ang kailangan natin lalo na ngayon para matugunan ang konting supply ng tubig.

  3. Responsible — keyword. Yung iba ang dahilan “nagbabayad naman kami”. Hindi nila narerealize yung major problem — na kulang na talaga ng tubig sa reservoirs. Parents should teach their kids how to conserve water too.

    Hello pala sis hahaha.

  4. So cool!!! Pangarap ko makavisit jan. 🙂 thanks for sharing this momsh 💕

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Why Saving Water is a Serious Matter

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