Baby Boy Pregnancy Symptoms

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How’s your pregnancy going, momma? Here’s a fun post on the list of Baby Boy Pregnancy Symptoms you can look at to have an idea on your baby’s gender.

From the body changes, mood swings, weird cravings and new experiences you gain, it may be a challenge but hang in there as the reward is on its way and really worth it. A bouncing baby…

Boy or Girl? When we’re asked we always say “As long as the baby is healthy.” But deep down, we have our wish, a hope that it’s a…

For me, I hope for my first born to be a BOY. And lo and behold, I got him. And I want to share my first hand experience of the BABY BOY SIGNS DURING PREGNANCY.

Baby Boy Pregnancy Symptoms

1. Minimal Morning Sickness

Within the 9 months of pregnancy, I vomitted only twice. Rare incidents of headaches and feeling ill.

2. Craving on Sour and Salty Foods

I have a sweet tooth but when I’m pregnant with my son, I sure do like my salty chips and citruses. My boy liked it because as a toddler he’s fond of them now. Those lemon first taste test videos? Did not worked on him.

3. My Pregnancy Belly is Low

I am carrying low and big. I gained an additional of close to 25 kilos. By third trimester, I sure look heavy and about to pop. My cheeks, fingers, nose and everything seems swollen. Thankfully, I didn’t have pre-eclampsia.

3. Big Appetite and Weight Gain

Baby Boy Pregnancy Symptoms

I may not have special cravings but I sure did ate a lot. I can gobble on food all day. I do not have sensitivity on smell so I eat what I want and boy, my weight sure did keep up.

4. Yes to Dark Spots

My neck, underarms and Linea Nigra showed signs that I am having a boy. They really darken! Thankfully, they returned to normal but not as soon as I may have wanted. Took me a year but atleast they’re back.

5. Mood Swings

I may have been a grumpy momma as my husband pointed out. I seem to be ticked off with little things back then especially during the last trimester as I feel so huge, uncomfortable and kind of impatient for it to be over with. To feel my body back.

6. Chinese Lunar Calendar

I will be sharing the exact chart I used here. I asked my other mommy friends to look on this chart and most of them are correct. It never hurts to look and predict.

Baby Boy Pregnancy Symptoms

7. Because My Heart Says It’s A Boy!

Mother’s intuition indeed. I dreamt it, I felt it and I have always seen him as a boy in my daydreams and the universe listened and grant me my heart’s desire.

These may look like old wives tales to you but it sure did worked on me.

I will share here the other supposed boy signs that didn’t worked on me. See infographic below.

Baby Boy Pregnancy Symptoms

How did it apply to you, momma? It sure is a lot of fun thinking if you have it right? A little belief and prediction won’t hurt.

There are other and more accurate ways to know your baby’s gender which are the following:


Baby Boy Pregnancy Symptoms

Sometime in your 5th month you will have an Ultrasound and this is when the baby’s private part becomes visible so the doctor can tell you if you are having a boy or a girl.

This gender reveal ultrasound usually comes along during the Congenital Animal Scan where in your baby’s organs and body parts are thoroughly checked.

Read my related post here: Congenital Anomaly Scan at In My Womb Megamall

Blood Test

This is quite rare as parents are more likely to rely on the ultrasound result already, this is done if more tests are needed or if the ultrasound visual is not that clear.

There goes my first hand experiences on carrying a boy. It may have been a big deal back then but truthfully, raising one is such a challenge. Fun, exciting and exhausting. If you are carrying a boy, Congratulations for being a boy mom! They are awesome and oozing with energy.

Baby Boy Pregnancy Symptoms

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Happy reading and get ready for the big push! Enjoy your baby.

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Baby Boy Pregnancy Symptoms

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