The Importance of Play in Childhood Development

Play is the work of the child. They are doing this without being told and can do so much with their energy and imagination.

Play is important for them to explore, learn the cause and effect of things, understand how something we taught is applicable and simply have fond memories of their childhood.

I will say it. Play has evolved. This too have been modernized and sadly, less socialization can be seen on today’s play time.

With this in mind, we as parents need to step up and guide our children to do more than stare at their screen, to let them interact with others, to learn how to communicate and emphatize. To go back and enjoy real play.

I gathered the top reasons why you should let your kid have fun playing the old way. No screen, just friends 🙂

The Importance of Play to your Child’s Development

Play is healthy: Physical Development

It gives them the movement opportunity that their developing bodies need. From jumping, running, stretching and other physical activities where they get to work out and see their body’s potential.

Play is communicating: Language and Socialization Skills

This is a time for them to work on their communication skills. To use their words while interacting with others. To be heard, to express what they want and to understand the concept of taking turns, listening and following instructions when they’re in a game set-up.

They also get to pick up new words and vocabulary from their playmates. The process of winning and losing is introduced so they know how it feels and how to deal with it.

Play is exploring and learning: Brain and Creativity Development

Learning in a way that they practice what we teach them. They test the possibilities and limitations. Play place them to many situations where they can decide on their own and see what it does to them.

Exploring of many things, from their body’s potential, cause and effect, see what they just read in books and many more. They get to know and understand things better with experience. As parents, it’s our job to protect them but not restrict or hinder to the point where they will become too dependent on us.

For me, bruises, scratches and minor cuts are acceptable and may even be a teachable moment. This is when they get to learn the hard way and know consequences, the concept of being hurt thus leading them to be careful or avoid it altogether next time.

As parents, we see the two faces of Play. One, is the beneficial, good part where they learn and enjoy. The second is the mess, accidents and yes, mess again.

There are many types of Play but sensory for me is the most educational BUT the messiest. Imagine the grains, clay, water splashes. You know it and for sure have given up on maintaining it clean whilst they play. Just drop the towel, momma and have some fun time with your kiddo.

Let’s make their childhood happy and memorable. Fill it with good memories, learnings and bonding.

Never underestimate the power of Play, keep in mind that your child is learning in the best possible way!

What’s your kid favorite thing to do during play time? Any specific toy or game in mind? Share them with me and let’s discuss in the comments below.

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The Importance of Play in Childhood Development

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