FERN Kiddimin Brings Out the Best in my Kid

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At 3, Seb is an active and curious toddler. He asks a lot of questions and wants to try everything. So I make sure to expose him on different activities where he gets to learn and explore on his abilities.

We follow a toddler routine of activities and I feel that its effective in teaching and raising him to be a well-rounded kid.

These activities are also good components in creating a structure to your toddler’s day.

I will be realistic and tell you that this is an ideal concept. This cannot be done consistently on a daily basis. But making an effort to commit your child to this set of activities even twice a week will help them to focus, learn and be engage enough that results to better learning.

One of our favorite Kiddie Me Time is doing Arts and Crafts Activities. We do this to enhance my toddler’s fine motor skills, we do painting, scissor skills, pasting and more eye-hand coordination activities.

He can’t do it perfectly yet but what’s important is his exposure to these things. Mommy still do most of the work but his messy add on and placement of materials on our project gives it a personality and uniqueness.

I make sure to align our activity with his interest. Like this Tyrannosaurus mask we made as he’s very fond of Dinosaurs these days. I am impressed that he knows where to put the elements to put the face together!

From his morning walk, music activity, reading and writing, art and craft activities, creative play, socialization and yes, even screen time. With his experiences in doing these things, he gets to learn cause and effect and other important skills that are crucial to his development.

With all these activities, I am confident that he got the support to keep him going and strong. Good thing that he takes #FERNKiddimin everyday.

Why FERN Kiddimin?

FERN Kiddimin is a food supplement syrup which contains essential vitamins and amino acids (Chlorella, Taurine, and Lysine) for growing and active children. These essential nutrients have their own way of bringing out the best in every kid.

FERN Kiddimin Brings Out the Best in my Kid

FERN Kiddimin is for equipping kids with well-rounded nutrition.

1. Support for Mental Quickness (Taurine and Vitamin A)

2. Aid to have Strong Bones and Muscles (Vitamin D)

3. To Assist in Growth (Chlorella)

4. Help to Stimulate a Healthy Appetite (Vitamin B Complex and Lysine)

It’s a common struggle for parents to make their child take vitamins but there’s no drama for us because Seb liked their orange flavor. He even reminds me to take “baytmins” when my mom brain strikes.

With my support, encouragement and the right aid to healthy nutrition, I know my toddler will grow smart, strong and independent. Starting with proper care and guidance to their overall well-being is most important.

Let’s bring out the best in our kids by giving them #FERNKiddimin
They are available in Watsons, Southstar, Rose Pharmacy, St. Joseph Drug, Negros Grace Pharmacy and other drug stores nationwide.

To know more about their product,
visit the following links:

Their website:

Have you tried FERN Kiddimin with your kid? Let me know your thoughts on the comments below. If you find this post relatable or helpful, please share. Thank you!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this mommy. Super relate. 3 na din si Caleb and exposing them to different activities is a must na to satisfy their curiosity. 🙂

  2. Ang creative naman NG mag mommy na ito. Nakakatuwa. And I am going to look for that new food supplement for my little Elaisha.

  3. Nice! I want to try this too for my pamangkin & daughter :)) thanks for sharing this mommy Nessly! 😘

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FERN Kiddimin Brings Out the Best in my Kid

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