I Finally Found the One with the #NEWDownyDETERGENT

When was the last time you’ve been excited to do laundry? Personally, it has become too mundane with it being a weekend routine chore.

But a recent discovery changed that as I am excited to try the #NEWDownyDETERGENT!

Yes, you read that right! Our trusted and all time favorite Downy now has Detergent. And the best part is, It really smell so good! Trust me, once you tried it you will never go back. It totally completed my laundry duo. We are proud Downy users indeed.

I usually dread laundry days but I woke up pretty early to try and put the #NEWDownyDETERGENT to the test to know if it can actually clean and if the scent will really last long.

And it passed with flying colors! Downy truly delivered its promise of #MayForeverCleanAndFresh 😊 Let me tell you more about it…

The #NEWDownyDETERGENT has 2 variants: Sunrise Fresh and Garden Blossom. Whichever you choose, they both make your clothes sparkling clean and has longlasting freshness.

I was really impressed with their Perfume Boosters as this is the world’s first-ever detergent to have one making it superior with other brands. How cool is that?

I really took this shot for you to see how they look like and how plenty in every handful. This guarantees that longlasting freshness.

Even with its superior cleaning power and scent, the #NEWDownyDETERGENT surely is mild and gentle to our hands but definitely tough on stains, ensuring that our clothes are cleaned thoroughly. The white ones become whiter and the colored stays vibrant.

Baka mahal? Downy means quality. Our household has been a Downy user for years and I know I am using the best for my family’s clothes. A little goes a long way. Try it and I am sure you will finally found the one, Laundry-wise once tested.

They are available in all leading stores in different sizes that suits anyone’s need.

Is this mommy approved? Hands down its one of the best I tried in the market. Amoy pa lang, sold na ko. 😊 I highly recommend for you to try it too and see the difference.

Now, I am no laundry expert but I will share some of my Laundry Tips that I’ve come to learn during my reign in our laundry room 😊

Laundry Tips from Mom Nessly

  • Separate your clothes thoroughly. We know the basic of colored and whites but loads will be much easier if it is more sorted. (Pants, Towels, underwear etc.)
  • Make sure to empty pockets to avoid coins, objects clogging the machine or making a shredded tissue fiasco.
  • Try using a Detergent container for easy scooping and access. (I buy the bulk, big packages instead of those in sachets as its more nature-friendly).
  • The classic vinegar and baking soda for stain and odor removal is effective.
  • Turn your clothes inside out to prevent them from fading.
  • Don’t overload a set. You may think its faster but you’re doing more harm by overloading your machine, resulting to poor washing of clothes and risking your machine to malfunctioning.
  • Clean your washing machine after use.

These may be simple and basic but they work for me. I hope that I am able to share something useful with these laundry tips that will make your laundry time much easier.

To know more about the #NEWDownyDETERGENT Please check out their Social Media Accounts with the following links: Philippines and

Have you tried the #NEWDownyDETERGENT too? Let me know your review and verdict by commenting below. Let’s discuss our Labada day story!

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  1. I’ve been using Downy fabric conditioner for years so I’m definitely interested to try this new detergent too. 🙂

  2. I’m excited to try this! Ill go check out sa supermarket kung meron na 🙂

  3. Downy user here, too. we also tried the new powder detergent and happy Kamina reuslt nya sa clothes namin. more than the bango, malinis tlaaga o nakakalinis sya.

  4. I wanna try this, too! Sana magkaroon na rin dito sa supermarkets sa min.

  5. I have been an Downy Lover for so long. That is why this is such a great news for me. I found the one too

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I Finally Found the One with the #NEWDownyDETERGENT

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