Exploring the #TinyBudsPlayHouse

Last updated on October 19th, 2019 at 12:19 am

As a mom, I am more careful in choosing the products I use for my baby. Considering that their skin is still sensitive and developing, I make sure to buy those with ingredients that are gentle and won’t cause any discomfort to my baby.

Natural, organic and perfectly safe for babies are what all Tiny Buds products are and how did I confirm that? Because I was able to check and really have a closer look of all their products. They have a lot to offer for every part of your house. Tiny Buds can give you a quality product that is surely to work and fill your needs.

Can I add their cute packaging too? I love that they changed the tub end/applicator of the After Bites as it is now pointed which is ideal for wound application or bites that are usually dots or rather small ensuring that the product won’t go to waste as a small amount can go a long way.

I love the laid-back setting of this event from Tiny Buds and The Asian Parent Philippines as there is no program, just tasks that you need to complete which does not feel like work but a hunt for cuties Twiga and Haha. We enjoyed roaming on the play house which is inside The Vantage Gallery at Kapitolyo and chit-chatting as we do our search and exploration.

Here are my photos of the different areas of the Play House with suitable Tiny Buds Products on display.

Love Tiny Buds Baby too? Know more about their products and upcoming events by checking out the following links:

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Instagram: @tinybudsbaby
Tiny Buds Baby Website

As always, I am happy to have spent a productive afternoon with my mom friends where we get to update each other on our kid’s milestones and family life, share the joys and struggles of parenting and swap stories of being a mommy blogger which we all enjoy doing. This serves as our me time too, that is why I am thankful to have been invited of this event as a #VIP Member of The Asian Parent Philippines.

Interested to be a #VIP Member too? Download The Asian Parent App and apply, be approved and enjoy the perks of exclusive event invites and more!

To learn more about The Asian Parenting Philippines, visit their website an Social Media accounts with the following links:

Facebook page: The Asian Parent Philippines
Instagram: @theasianparent_ph
The Asian Parent Philippines Website

Have you tried Tiny Buds for your baby too? How’s your review? Do you have a favorite? Share them and let’s talk about baby stuff in the comments below.

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  1. I have also tried the Tiny Buds dtergent for my baby’s new born clothes and sobrang bango nyaat soft sa fabric 😍😍 Kaya tiny buds na ang binili naming stock namin para sa laundry ni baby 😍

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Exploring the #TinyBudsPlayHouse

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