Support Local Farmers with The Emerald Fresh

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Milk doesn’t last long in our household. We’re all big milk consumers here. From my father who prefers it to coffee, my toddler who always pair it with his cereals and me, who can actually drink too many in one sitting.

We’ve had our fair share of milk brands and one thing I noticed is that they’re all imported. And I recently learned that only 1% of the milks available in the market are locally made.

Well that 1% is well represented by The Emerald Fresh whose locally producing their own cow’s milk on their farm in Batangas that are organic, grass-fed and hormone-free! Now that’s healthy and exactly what I want my family to be drinking.

They are kind enough to send us this set of Emerald Freshness and now that’s its all gone, we definitely want more because it’s really delicious.

Support Local Farmers with The Emerald Fresh

Before we get to the drinks’ review, let me commend their delivery service as it is one of the best I’ve seen so far. Their great quality service to ensure freshness by keeping the drinks in a cooler so they will give the product to you chilled and well-handled is impressive.

The Emerald Fresh

Support Local Farmers with The Emerald Fresh

Whole Milk

Not to sweet, very smooth and no after taste. Drinking this makes me reminisce my childhood in the province when my grandmother would give me cow’s milk from a bottle which is delivered to them by a farmer.

Chocolate Milk

This tasted like melted ice cream. Creamy and chocolaty. Definitely my toddler’s favorite. He kept asking for Choco and can’t get enough until I had to show him the empty bottle.

Breakfast Smoothies

Support Local Farmers with The Emerald Fresh

Perfect for breakfast indeed as it is really filling with its creaminess and many fruit bits, add in the rich in fruity flavors of raspberry, blueberry, strawberry and mango.

The quality of the delivery, packaging and most importantly, the taste is #mommyapproved. The fact that we’re helping local farmers to earn their livelihood is an added bonus. These products are delightful and benefits everyone. See those nutrients you can get just by drinking these goodies?

Try them too and see for yourself. To taste the Emerald Freshness, Simply message them on Facebook or Instagram to order.

Facebook Page: The Emerald Fresh
Instagram: @theemeraldfresh

Have you tried The Emerald Fresh? Let me know in the comments below.

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Support Local Farmers with The Emerald Fresh

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