Mom Review of the New Ariel Soft and Gentle

Being a toddler mom can be tough and tiring not only with their endless energy but also in dealing with their endless pile of clothes!

From food stains, pollution, sweat and poopoo – they got it all. How? I don’t know. One moment they’re super fresh and clean and the next thing you know they’re all sweaty yet super happy.

I remember seeing this meme on Facebook and couldn’t agree more.

Post Baby Laundry Meme

Our household loves using Ariel as is really gets the job done. Making the clothes white and smelling really good. That’s why it’s a delight to finally have the New Ariel Soft and Gentle that we can use for Seb’s clothes too. ⁣

New Ariel Soft and Gentle

Ariel Soft and Gentle has NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS, no bleach added, no brightener and enzymes. It also has low suds for easy rinsing, has smart stain removal and don’t forget their Ariel 3D Technology.

Definitely gentle and safe for babies. Add in the Lemongrass Scent that this mommy can smell all day.⁣

Try this one now, mommy and see for yourself. You can do laundry with your little helper too, like my curious Seb here na who couldn’t help sniffing the clothes.

To know more about the product, Visit their Facebook page and Instagram account with the following links.

Available in supermarkets and for your convenience, Check this link for online shopping⁣

How about you, mommy? Have you tried this Ariel Soft and Gentle? Drop me a comment below and let’s talk laundry.

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Mom Review of the New Ariel Soft and Gentle

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