Why Exhausted Moms Stay Up Late

I feel like doing a little dance after freeing myself from my sleeping toddler’s hug because finally, after a day of doing everything for my family, I can now do things for myself.

I am free to do anything without interruptions from a husband who’s asking where is something, no one’s asking to open a snack, I don’t have to bathe anyone, pick some toy up or wipe some gooey stuff and do other mom things.

I can do things for my enjoyment and sanity. Me time. Do anything I want… quietly.

Why Exhausted Moms Stay Up Late

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Why Exhausted Moms Stay Up Late

I know I should be sleeping because God knows how exhausted I was, but the lure of silence and peace every night is just too much for me to pass up. This is the only time that I can think, focus and actually hear my inner voice. My thoughts unclouded. No distractions, no screaming, no incessant calling 20x.

The time when I won’t feel guilty looking on my phone. It’s part of my mom guilt everyday. I feel the need to always give my full attention to my kid. To play with him, read books, sing and do toddler things together.

But there are days where my body throws in the towel and give up on sleep. Those are the days when I wake up only to be shocked of what time it is.

It’s a common scenario for moms to choose between sleep and me time. As for me, I always choose the latter, regrets come in the morning. But I do this for myself, to keep me sane and make myself be more than mom even in my own little way through that little time.

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From scrolling in social media, blogging, binge watching, eating, beautification, cleaning, praying and reminiscing. These are some ways of how I spent my me time.

Why Exhausted Moms Stay Up Late

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As free as I was, I still am mommy and looks at my toddler’s angelic face as he sleeps. Saying sorry for being a mean mom earlier, worrying about his future, wondering of what other tricks he’ll do as the days come.

I still am mommy because I plan for our meal tomorrow, I’m researching for our upcoming trip, browsing FB mommy groups for solutions on my mom problems. I can’t let go. I am always mom through and through no matter how free I got.

I know that the time will come when I can sleep again for long hours. It may be years and far from now but I can wait for that. For now, I have accepted that this is my new normal. I have adjusted actually.

Based from experience and sourcing from other mommies, this sleep deprivation can lead to momnesia, which we are all familiar with. I will be discussing that in other blog post.

But for now, let me enjoy my me time, my 3 hours of freedom. Because tomorrow we’re back to reality.
My life, my family, my happiness.

Why Exhausted Moms Stay Up Late

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How about you? What’s your choice? sleep or me time? What do you do during the happy hour when your child falls asleep? Let me know in the comments below. Let’s exchange some mom thoughts.

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  1. Ahhh…so relatable! This is definitely me. When I finally have time to myself, I just end up scrolling through Pinterest. Hahaha! I found it funny when you mentioned about the hub asking where things are — same thing for me.

  2. I cannot tell you how much I relate to this. I’m sooo tired as we speak, but I know i’ll be up until three in the morning!!! All to start over again in the AM.

  3. I try to get chores and work done during nap time….I stay up late because it is my alone time for myself and then my time alone with my husband too.

  4. I always stay up to catch up on shows I can’t watch with the kids lol or blog. I regret it the next day but it’s the only way to get things done.

  5. Oh i can so relate to this struggle. exhaustedly scrolling through my messages with my eyes closing to try and catch up on messages from friends I’ve neglected! lol

  6. This is me!!! I definitely am exhausted most days and end up staying up and working once my little one sleep. I have a small custom design business and I work on order and new designs. I also work on blog post for my blog.

  7. It does seem to be a nightly decision between sleep and me time. At my house, it’s “we” time. My husband and I put our boys to bed at 7 pm so we can have 2-3 hours together every day. It is a life saver.

  8. This is so relatable! I find myself staying up later and later in order to have some alone time. It’s so hard to juggle it all— being the perfect mom, wife, role model, and also an individual.

  9. Guilty as charged! I stayed up till almost midnight last night writing a blog post, and was up around 6:00 with the kiddo, who was ready to go watch cartoons before daycare. :-p

  10. I’m the opposite! My daughter goes to bed around 10pm but doesn’t wake up until 9 so I have my me time in the morning. I’m up at 6 and have 3 glorious hours to do whatever it is I need to do!

  11. I can definitely relate. I usually spend my quiet time cleaning, reading, or looking at a tv show sixth a huge bowl of popcorn! That alone time can feel so heavenly!

  12. Dapat hindi natin kinakalimutan at pinapabayaan ang ating sarili. 🙂 Kailangan parin natin ng oras para sa ating sarili kahit na maiksing oras lang.

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Why Exhausted Moms Stay Up Late

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