MApp – Conquering Motherhood with a Tap!

Last updated on July 15th, 2019 at 01:27 pm

Motherhood is all about community and the relaunching of MApp is a true testament of that. MApp is not only getting a new look, but it’s also gaining a new mom! LJ Reyes, founder of MApp has joined forces with Mommily founder, Trix Clasara, to make a bigger, better app for all moms on-the-go!

MApp has narrowed down the facilities and services in the following categories to help parents have a more pleasant experience when they take their kids out.

Service Categories

Baby Changing Stations

The app will provide parents with the locations of the nearest Baby Changing Stations in their area, so they never have to go through that frantic situation again.

Breastfeeding Stations

MApp provides a comprehensive directory of Breastfeeding Stations to help and encourage moms to nurse their babies.

Kids Products & Needs

MApp will help you find the stores you need by showcasing on the app the locations of these stores and a brief description of what you can find there.

Medical Needs

There’s nothing like being a parent to make you extra vigilant by every cough, sneeze or a slight temperature rise on our children! MApp has this special category with all moms in mind because we know how important it is to keep our kids safe and happy 24/7.

Schools & Tutors

MApp endeavors to be a reliable resource for discovering and locating different schools from Early Learning Centers to Colleges, as well as reputable supplementary Learning Centers and access to Tutors and Educators in the metro to help parents find the right program for their kids.


The app will tell you where and when relevant events are taking place, along with brief information on what they are about so parents can decide which they want to attend and prepare/plan for it in advance.


MApp encourages the old-fashioned, magical kind of play by bringing back the choice of outdoor play to families. The app will lead you to the playgrounds where magical childhood memories can be made anew in this generation.

Other Lifestyle Needs

Specialized services for kids are abundant around the metro. MApp provides full information on such places so that your kids can have pleasant experiences outside the home.

MApp - Motherhood Made Easy Launching

MApp truly aims for Parenting Made Easy. For me, the most useful are the Emergency Contact List and Medical Needs. One less thing to worry about and very accessible in times of need.

I love the map locator which is an awesome way to personalize your searches. They also have coupons and badges too as perks, parenting articles that we can learn from and more.

A simple tap gives you the right information making you more equipped in handling Motherhood better. Hence, their tag line: Conquering motherhood with a tap!

MApp - Motherhood Made Easy Launching

We were invited to their re-launch and its the first event that I have my toddler with me solo. Good thing that One Hundred Ways was there to keep him occupied. So busy, he just stayed there playing the whole time.

Ms. Jammy Mali was also there for the Fostering Creativity in Children talk, she discussed the importance of letting our kids use their creativity. To let them lead the way of their learning through play. How to make it more fun and less expensive by using discarded boxes, mirror and other materials.

MApp - The Smart Mommy App

Download MApp now and see for yourself! Be amazed of just how useful it is. Whenever, wherever this app is your partner. One of the best offerings of modern parenting indeed!

Definitely a must-have for parents. You can download the app for FREE in Google Play and App Store.

To know more about them, Visit their social media accounts and website with the following links:

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MApp – Conquering Motherhood with a Tap!

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