The Things I Miss Most Before Being A Mom

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Pre-Motherhood. That seemed so long ago given my exhaustion since becoming one.

Mom tired is the real tired. Dead tired. It’s too draining that even a good sleep can’t fix. Oh how I miss sleeping…

Do my words start to make this sort of a complain post? I think it does and that’s where I’m heading. So buckle up for this Pre-Motherhood reminiscing of the good old days when its just you who matters.

The Things I Miss Most Before Being A Mom


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When we the last time you slept uninterrupted with all the lights out and straight for long hours? Missing meals to sleep instead.

Now you missed your meal and you have no sleep.

Tell me if this is familiar, your toddler falls asleep breastfeeding and it took you quite a few tries pulling your nipple to be free and do some happy dance after. But just when you’re about to start with what you want to do the toddler woke up crying because he wants to feed.

How about this night dilemmas? It’s already close to midnight and your super energetic toddler still won’t sleep. You’re done with bedtime stories, lullaby, massage and breastfeeding but the kid won’t stay put because for him its the perfect time to jump, scream and do more toddler things.

Sometimes I just want to drive to a hotel, check in and fade away to dreamland and woke up next day with a breakfast I didn’t prepare.

FYI Husbands, this is the ultimate gift all mothers will appreciate no matter what the occasion is. You’ll be tagged as #besthusbandever if you surprise her with this.

Doing Things Alone

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From sleeping, showering, dressing up, peeing and even doing number 2. He’s there. Sometimes, I closed the door but eventually open it due to his incessant calling.

I can hear him calling me even if he’s not. My ears are playing with me.

Mom, mom, mom, mommy, mommy!!! 30x more until I answer back.

Gone are the days when I can shower for a long time to shave my legs, do a facial, actually soak my hair in conditioner for 5 minutes and simply bask relaxing under hot shower. Now I just wash and go and done!

I also do the trick of showering together but those end up abrupt most of the time because of toddler reasons.

My Old Self

My beauty if there was.

My breasts before breastfeeding. I hate push up bras before but now find them as a need.

My maintained hair. Colored, straight and manageable. Now its on bun as default.

My clothes that would need an update since 2015. Goodbye to Tiis Ganda, Hello comfortable and accessible boob outfits.

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Actually Enjoying A Meal

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So you’re out with the family and dining in a restaurant, looking in the menu and you ordered a mouth watering set. Everything looks delicious because you’re hungry as a hippo from breastfeeding.

The food arrived but you can’t indulge on it because first, you need to feed your baby which he will either refuse, play with or took eternity to chew on.

Of course, others may offer to take the baby so you can eat but you eat hurriedly as you don’t want to hassle them of your job. I tend to feel mom guilt whenever I leave my son to my family to do errands.

Do you feel the same too? But I don’t feel guilty when I leave him with my husband though… I feel a sense of revenge.

I miss taking my time to eat, to savor my food and to eat foods that I didn’t cook. To eat a meal that didn’t took time for me to plan.

One of my least favorite things to do on weekends: Thinking of a weekly family menu.

Thank you, Instagram for your #ulamfortheday #lunchideas and other helpful hashtags. I owe you.

My Independence

When friends asked you to meet up over coffee, mall shopping, watching movies and if we’re having too much fun we’ll extend late at night.

Now, it will took more than a month for me to go and see my friends as I need to make sure that my son has a babysitter.

I can’t just go to a mall and stroll. I don’t even have the time to look closely and read on products before buying them because my son kept running away.

Mommy tip:
I create a list of everything I need before going out to make sure that I don’t forget anything. Also, I badly need it because I have the worst memory ever and I blame that thing called Momnesia.

Whenever I am away from my baby I am always on a rush to return home. It’s a different feeling only mother’s can explain.

No Mom Guilt

The Disadvantages of Extended Breastfeeding

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This haunts me. I feel like I always need to do more, the feeling of not being enough. Do you have this too? The constant voice that tells you to always give your kid nutritious food. No to screen time. To make sure he’s sleeps on time, have enough play and other must do things.

I am overwhelmed as a first time mom as it is and this mom guilt adds to my worry sometimes. I know I should let go of the little things but mom guilt always gets to me. I miss not having this. The feeling of worrying only about me. Is this selfish? Don’t judge me. I love my kid with everything but can I have this thoughts sometimes please.

The Things I Miss Most Before Being A Mom

Well, These are my top 5 and I have more but those are small things that I can let go and easily give up as I embrace my new role.

It’s not bad to miss these things. They are part of us. It is a big change and adjustment but soon when our kids are not little anymore, we can do them again and it is our kids being kids that we will miss.

How about you? What do you miss the most? Share your thoughts as comment below.

Thank you for reading! If you find this relatable or helpful. Please share 🙂

13 Responses

  1. I totally cherish middle of the night bathroom trips now because it is the only time I am alone! My little one follows me into the bathroom everyday and then we have to sit there for 5 minutes while he looks at every.single.bath.toy. Not to mention that I have to share everything I eat now. I think he has a 6th sense for knowing when I am eating.

  2. Have you ever considered creating a capsule wardrobe? It’s a great way to feel a little more like yourself, but still allows you to get dressed in no time each day!

  3. Hi!!! What I miss the most I think is the sleeping. And I miss my pre-pregnancy belly too! Not that had a six pack but my belly was flat. Now is all stretchy 🙂 But after 2 kids, totally worth it!
    Thanks for the post, I enjoyed it!!!

  4. Thanks for the blog and thanks for being so open and transparent. Thanks for being a good mommy and sacrificing so much of you!

  5. I definitely miss being able to sleep in and lounge around on the weekends. My toddler somehow knows when it’s the weekend and seems to wake up even earlier than normal.

  6. My little guys a great sleeper (I’m a sleep consultant!) but the rest I can totally relate with! It’s so hard I find to balance wanting to do things on my own and away from him, then immediately feeling mom guilt that I want to be away from him!

  7. Oh, mama, I’ve been there with my own Sebastian (now age 6)! It does get easier, and better, and you’ll find yourself again. You got this! ❤

  8. I can totally relate.. but we just have to enjoy this new “mom” life.. the days are long but the years are short! We’ll get our life back! Nyahaha

  9. Yes, yes, yes! I do miss a lot of things but so happy with this stage of life. It won’t last forever. But doing number 2 alone is sure kissed hahaha!

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The Things I Miss Most Before Being A Mom

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