Mommy Mundo’s Momschool: Power Play – Teaching our Kids to Learn through Play

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Parenting in the millennial times is both a blessing and a curse.

Curse for its pressure. Parents can’t help but to struggle on the comparison of a child’s development on social media.

Nakakalakad na before 1
Nag ABC na by 2
Potty trained na before 3
and so much more…

Add in the plethora of Milestone Charts we see online. The guidelines of what your child is supposed to be doing during a specific timeframe.

But now is also the best time to learn as a new parent. The great resources are all within our reach. From health articles, parenting blogs, mommy communities, even your doctor is just one text away.

Let me share with you my top favorite parenting resource… The Parenting Talks.

Mommy Mundo's Momschool: Power Play - Teaching our Kids to Learn through Play

It’s personal, educational, entertaining and accessible to all mothers who wants to learn the best tips to apply to their children.

And that’s where Mommy Mundo is an expert. The pioneer in the field got you all covered.

Last April 27, 2019 I attended their Power Play Forum in Estancia Bridgeway, Capitol Commons, Pasig City.

Mommy Mundo's Momschool: Power Play - Teaching our Kids to Learn through Play

Their topic of Learning Through Play got me interested to register in the event for FREE.

Tagged as a #Momschool event. It aims to educate us, parents on the things we can do to promote different ways of learning through play.

Mommy Mundo's Momschool: Power Play - Teaching our Kids to Learn through Play

Ms. Jammy Malli of One Hundred Ways Ph discussed the basics and importance of Creative Play.

One Hundred Ways offers a fun, functional and mobile artplay studio for children ages 1 to 12. We can be enjoyed at our upcoming locations or through direct rental for any purpose – be it for playdates or celebrations.

One Hundred Ways is an artplay studio rooted in the Reggio-Emilia philosophy which was founded in Italy in 1945. At the core of what we do is honoring and encouraging children’s hundred languages and ways of expression.

You can read more about them on their Website, Facebook page or Instagram.
Fun Activities That Will Keep Your Toddler Engaged For A Long Productive Time

What is Creative Play?

  • Imagination
  • Self Expression
  • Exploration
  • Expressing of Emotions

How to Foster Creative Play?

  1. Encouraging children to make their own choices.
  2. Offering children a wide range of creative materials and experiences.
  3. Providing plenty time to explore and pursue their own ideas.
  4. Putting emphasis on the creative process, and not the finished product.
  5. Showing support in the creative process, and appreciating our children’s efforts.

During the formative years of 0-6 years old, the Social Emotional skills of a child is of utmost importance to be learned. Their collaboration and sympathy with others will serve as good foundation of their behavior all throughout.

Creativity as most crucial factor for success.

How Motherhood Changed Me

What can parents do to make sure that our children is on the right track?

  • Be conscious of child’s readiness
  • Let Children be Children
  • Let them play

There is no rush as everyone will get to learn what they are supposed to. We need to support them and let them know that we are here while they try and are sure to cheer them on when they succeed.

They also have Coach Sonny Calingo of Ready Steady Go Kids Philippines to talk about their active program for children. A multi-sport program for toddlers that are sure to use their unending energy to do something that can actually help with their development.

You can check out more of their program on their Website, Facebook page or Instagram.

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Mommy Mundo's Momschool: Power Play - Teaching our Kids to Learn through Play

With experts on education as their resource speakers, freebies, discounted booths, play areas for children and meeting new mommies I will sure be asking for more #mommymundo events.

You can read more about their #mompowerment events on the following links:

To other moms who attended a Mommy Mundo event before, how was your experience? Let me know in the comments below.

Looking forward for more educational parenting talks in the future as the more I know, the better I can take care of my child and also, this serves as some mom me time too.

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Mommy Mundo’s Momschool: Power Play – Teaching our Kids to Learn through Play

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