Millennial Moms Ph: Project Domestication (April 2019)

Promising to be more active on Mommy events this year, I sure had a productive day last April 27.

After attending the Mommy Mundo Power Play in Estancia, me and my event buddy, Mommy Crissy went straight to Eastwood Mall for the Project Domestication of Millennial Moms Ph. Right on time!

Millennial Moms Ph: Project Domestication (April 2019)

Upcycling and Upcrafting are new terms for me, as an old schooler would be familiar with the Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Times have changed and they made it better.

Discussed by the cheerful and lovely Ms. Ada Mella of Upcycle This Philippines, I have learned of the new and more creative ways to deal with my old stuff instead of taking up space in our home or trashing them.

What is Upcycling?

Upcycling is adding value to a discarded product.

What is Upcrafting?

Creative reuse of old stuff I want to throw away.

We all know about this. Our old collection of Cosmopolitan magazines when we’re still single, our favorite jeans that is now too small to fit in. Used perfume bottles, formula milk cans and so much more than we can handle and organize.

She had given us many options on what to do and offered her workshops as well which is interesting and a nice venue to meet other crafters.

Millennial Moms Ph: Project Domestication (April 2019)

I even won my own upcrafted pouch made of an old jeans. Yey!

Learn more about Upcycle and Upcrafting on their Facebook page: Upcycle This, Philippines.

Millennial Moms Ph: Project Domestication (April 2019)

The 2nd topic talks about Essential Oils. I have always wanted to learn and try them but is reluctant due to its high cost. But Ms. Tina De Guzman of The Oil Natural Project’s explanation gives me the right push to actually buy a starter kit.

The oil’s source, purity, usage, benefits and lasting use are all worth it for its price.

You can even concoct your own facial wash, mist, cleanser and more.

They also have incentive programs that goes as high as 25%.

The talk does not only promote essential oils but also opens your awareness on the products you use for yourself, your baby and your home. The chemicals and their health effects are mentioned too.

Toxin free living is an option especially that we have children in our home, their safety is of utmost importance and so we need to be more careful of the products we use and expose our kids to.

Learn more about Toxin Free Living and Essential Oils on their Instagram: @theoilnaturalproject.

Millennial Moms Ph: Project Domestication (April 2019)

My new learnings, lootbags, freebies, games, snacks and most of all, meeting new mom friends are good factors to claim this as a happy day indeed.

To the mom reading this, I encourage you to experience this mom events. Follow their Facebook and Instagram or visit their website to be updated of the upcoming events and giveaways.

Millennial Moms PH has a lot to offer and its such a joy to be a part of. I am looking forward for more empowering mom events like this in the future.

Well, there goes my Project Domestication experience.

To other moms who attended before, how was your experience? Let me know in the comments below.

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Millennial Moms Ph: Project Domestication (April 2019)

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