FUN CITY: A Review on this Amazing Indoor Playground in Ali Mall Cubao

These type of entertainment for kids have become rampant now and we are happy to try most of them.

My toddler and I are fans of indoor playgrounds. We’ve tried many and while some have their flairs, this is yet the best to beat.

Benefits of Playing in an Indoor Playground

Let me share my parenting thoughts on why we should expose our kids to indoor playgrounds.

  • Social skills are developed and enhanced.
  • They are learning to share and experience taking turns.
  • Fine and Motor skills development with the variety of toys and play areas.
  • They are expose to new materials and concepts of play.
  • A safe, comfortable and educational place for both child and parents.

Exploring Fun City

Located in the lower ground floor of Ali Mall, Fun City is every child’s dream playground indeed. Seb spent 3 whole hours playing and still wants more.

It’s funny how kids are crying when they leave this place. But I take it as a good sign that they really enjoyed staying there.

There are 4 play areas in this indoor playground. Each is meant for a different type of activity and learning exposure to children.

1. Role Playing and Community Play Area

  • Learning Center – Different books are neatly placed in shelves, together with blocks, musical instruments (we love the grand piano) and boards to write to.
  • Hospital – Body charts, medicine bottles, lab coat, weighing scale, bed, human body model with detachable organs.
  • Play Room – Beautiful sets of kitchen and life-sized doll houses, airplanes, cars, trucks, character masks and plush toys. There’s also 3 large pin impression toys.
  • Fire Station – A fire truck, helmets, fireman’s pole, coats and toys.

2. Active Play Area

  • Ball Pit and slides of many kinds that can accommodate any age. All are well-cushioned and have net support.
  • Basketball suitable for adults and child level.
  • Inflatables
  • Giant blocks

3. Interactive Play Area

  • The star of the playground is their operational mini backhoe. The labeled controls can be confusing at first but you’ll get the hang of it in no time. (My toddler is too young to handle this on his own, so this mom played instead). Complete your gear by wearing a helmet and safety vest.
  • Push Ride-On Toys
  • They also have video games, iPad and a dance studio.

4. Sensory Play Area

This is my favorite of all areas because its educational and engaging even to adults. We spent most of our time here.

  • Sand Pit – You need to take your socks off to enter. Get ready for your child’s clothes and hair to be messy. The good thing is, once done you can shake off the grains using their provided brushes.
  • Water Play 

For adult’s enjoyment:

  • There’s also 2 karaoke rooms with 3 songs limit so people can take turns.
  • Comfortable bean bags are strategically placed in the area.

What You Need To Know

  • They are operational on mall hours which is the usual 10am to 10pm.
  • I’ll say that their rates are acceptable given their amenities and services.
  • Socks are required and you can avail them at 30 pesos. They have lockers where you can leave your shoes and bags. Foods and drinks are not allowed inside.
  • They will also ask you to sign a waiver and I think this is one good security measure that other indoor playgrounds do not have; They take the picture of both guardian and child together to ensure the child’s safety.
A Review on the Amazing Indoor Playground in Ali Mall Cubao: Fun City

Mom’s Review

Fun City is highly-recommended. It’s one of the best indoor playgrounds we’ve been to. Spacious, well-lit and ventilated, also the safety measures are on point. I want to highlight their guardian/child photo taking as I feel that its a necessity to all indoor playgrounds.

Their play areas are holistic in terms of the learning through play theory. The sand pit and water play area are the things we will always look forward to in revisiting this place. 

Tip: Avail their 3 hours rate, as 1 hour would not be enough to truly explore and enjoy this indoor playground.

And I appreciate that they thought of the guardian’s enjoyment and comfort too and I’m really happy to inform you that they have a restroom inside the venue.

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Parenting Tips on Visiting An Indoor Playground

  1. Arrive early. Try entering on opening hours on a weekday, to ensure cleanliness and lesser crowd.
  2. Make sure to bring your own socks and an extra set of clothing.
  3. Eat first before going to avoid tantrums due to hunger. Also after checkout, kids are most likely beat and will fall asleep soon, making him missed a meal.
The Reasons Why I Let My Kid Play in an Indoor Playground for Long Hours

There you have it. My thorough review of the indoor playground, Fun City. We definitely had fun and will definitely be back!

Any other place you can recommend for me and my toddler? or parenting tips I can add on my list? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. If we choose 3hrs stay at fun city, can we go out for snack break with the kids and return after we have finished snacls?

  2. Omg! This is so nice. I would love my toddler to go here. Baka nakaligtaan ko lang but do they have other branches? Mejo malayo kami sa Cubao. 🙁 But i will surely visit this place soon sobrang nice and I’m sure he’ll enjoy 😊

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FUN CITY: A Review on this Amazing Indoor Playground in Ali Mall Cubao

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