How To Renew An Expired Driver’s License at LTO Robinsons Metro East Satellite Office

Last updated on February 20th, 2019 at 06:31 pm

Recently, I had my driver’s license renewed but had to do a name change when I got married.

Unfortunately, it was the time when LTO had issues on printing the cards, so I end up with the paper/receipt version instead.

Fast forward to now, after years of trying to claim my card with no results, my paper license reached its expiration and so the need for renewal.

In hope for a more convenient and comfortable experience, I decided to do my driver’s license renewal in LTO Robinsons Metro East satellite branch and it did not disappoint.

Steps in Renewing Your Driver’s License

How To Renew An Expired Driver's License

1. I was already in line by 8am and at exactly 9am, we entered, was given our number and the LTO representative asked for our driver’s license and 1 valid ID while handing out a paper for the medical certificate.

2. Since I have an expired driver’s license onhand, I was asked to go to the evaluator’s window for clearance. They just verified my records online.

3. For the medical, it’s the usual of getting the height, weight and blood pressure. Then I paid for the medical fee of 350 pesos. After the issuance of receipt, I am in for the eye check-up (Yey! to my 20/20 vision) and doctor’s assessment.

How To Renew An Expired Driver's License
How To Renew An Expired Driver's License

4. Next is the evaluator window, where my personal details on screen are asked to be confirmed. I was given a form to write on my emergency contact which will be placed on the back of my card.

6. Next window was picture taking and signature.

7. Payment window.

  • License fee for Non-Pro (585.00)
  • Penalty for late renewal (75.00)
  • Computer fee (67.63)
  • With total cost of 727.63 pesos

My license has been expired for one month prior to renewal.

8. After filling out the form, the LTO representative get it and we were told to wait for the last step which is the card printing.

9. Back to the evaluator for confirmation of the driver’s license card and emergency contact details. Then photo and signature again (which I find unusual since I already had one earlier).

10. Card released! I now own a five year long validity driver’s license.

Renewal time is 9am to 11:20am in an airconditioned, well-organized process with courteous personnel and same day card release which truly brings a positive LTO experience.

This is a real change compared from my past renewals which usually involves a whole day sweating in line and waiting in LTO’s Binangonan office.

I highly recommend to get your driver’s license renewed in mall satellite offices especially for senior citizens and pregnant women.

I hope you find this article helpful. Thank you for reading!

LTO Robinsons Metro East
Lower Ground, Robinsons Metro East, Marcos Highway, Brgy Dela Paz, Santolan Pasig City
(02) 477-0732

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  1. Very helpful momshie…mine lisence is near to 2 years of expiration so I need to hurry to refrain from re-examination..thank you again for giving hope 👍🤙👌😇

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How To Renew An Expired Driver’s License at LTO Robinsons Metro East Satellite Office

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