All You Need to Know Before Going to Avilon Zoo Rizal with a Toddler

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Nature walk is my most favorite bonding time and toddler activity with Seb. It’s no prep, relaxing and very beneficial in all aspects.

My toddler is 2 now and he’s crazy with animals. Ever since I let him watch The Lion King, he’s been fascinated by the animal kingdom. All creatures even the pre-historic dinosaurs.

Also, I let him watch the National Geographic and Animal Planet channel, which by the way have the most educational and interesting shows ever! Even me, an adult is hooked.

I fuel more of my toddler’s hobby by buying him all things animal related. Books, shirts, toys, stickers and more. It’s everywhere!

And to give him the best gift of experience rather than material things, we decided to visit the zoo.

In this post:

  • Our Avilon Zoo Rizal Review
  • Avilon Zoo Rizal Information
  • Parenting Tips on Visiting the Zoo with a Toddler

Exploring Avilon Zoo Rizal with a Toddler

Avilon zoo is located in Sitio Gulod, Brgy San Isidro in Rodriguez Rizal. It’s a vastly 7.5 hectares property, home to over 3,000 species and its evident that animals here are well taken care of and their areas are modeled close to their habitat. A perfect place to tour and expose my curious toddler to the wildlife.

We availed their discounted tickets worth 400 pesos for both adult and child. Purchased on their website and paid with card. You need to buy 3 days prior to day of visit and present the printed copy of your paid tickets upon entrance.

Tip: Avail the tour guide because its hard to navigate the zoo on your own. Also, they share insightful trivia and you can ask them to be your photographer too. 400 pesos may be quite steep but I think its worth it given their expertise.

Our favorites are Trixie, the Orangutan. Joey, who spits and threw a banana on us. Zuzu, the hippo. The bengal tigers especially the white one. I love watching them roar at each other. You can actually feel the vibration when they roar! And the giraffes are real gentle giants. My son enjoyed feeding them (The carrots are Php 50 per bowl).

The king of the jungle is what we are most excited to see but he is asleep. (I hope you had more luck than us).

Unfortunately, there are missing animals in the zoo. Elephants, zebra and rhino on top of our list.

But its not that big a deal since the experience of being upclose to the animals compensates to that. It’s a close encounter indeed. Except for the Lion of course…

Halfway through the tour, we had a break and dine in their canteen. It’s a much needed break to cool down and recharge.

They have a dining area where foods and drinks are sold. This is where we ate our packed lunch.

There is a gift shop where you can buy souvenirs such as shirts, ref magnets, stuffed toys and more.

Other Helpful Information:

  • For your packed foods, you may leave it at the baggage area upon entrance to avoid carrying it while on tour
  • Pay 25 pesos corkage fee per person
  • Wheelchair is available for seniors
  • Safe playground for children
  • Parking space is huge

Contact Details:

Address: 9003 GP Sitio Gulod, San Isidro, 1860 Rodriguez, Rizal, Philippines
(+632) 948 3986
(+632) 948 9866
(+632) 9418530 (Fax)

For me, It’s our best nature walk ever! The trip is an amazing exposure to my kid. I highly recommend this zoo to all families looking for a quick getaway. It’s just an hour away from Manila. Visit them soonest!

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Parenting Tips on Visiting the Zoo with a Toddler

1. Do your research.

Know your destination well. Learn the basics such as travel time, operating hours, admission ticket and corkage fees, food and parking availability, and their other amenities.

I highly recommend on checking out vlogs or blog post reviews (ahem, ahem!) especially of other parents who’d been there with their kids. Nothing beats a first hand experience review.

2. Call the zoo before your visit.

This is to make sure that they are open or do not have site maintenance or booked for a field trip on the day of your visit.

Also, you can ask questions and confirm on admission and corkage fees and other concerns. Write down your inquiries before calling so you won’t forget anything.

3. Prepare your Bag

Pack on all the necessities. Bring a change of clothes for the kid. Sunscreen and face towels.

Make sure to wear light clothing and comfortable shoes.

4. Strollers or carriers are helpful.

It’s a great place to walk but your kids will get tired. (This may not be applicable for everyone depending on your kid’s age or their need for such things).

5. Bring food, snacks and drinks.

These are my mom tips on surviving a zoo trip with the family. Any other things I missed? Let me know in the comments below.

Visiting the zoo is exhausting but we gained lots of memories and new knowledge. Its so fulfilling to watch my son enjoying everything. He must be fascinated seeing the animals in real life compared to his toys and shows. This trip is definitely worth it and we want more of this…

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All You Need to Know Before Going to Avilon Zoo Rizal with a Toddler

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