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The Best Homemade Play Dough Recipe

The Best Homemade Play Dough Recipe |

Toddlers spent most of their day playing that’s why I try my best as a parent to always live by the learning through play theory.

My son just turned 2 and he’s now more active, curious and fearless to try everything. He would run, crawl, jump and do many things that makes this mommy nervous. I am the lenient type pa ha. Simple scratches and bumps I can let go. But if its bleeding, then I am panicky!

That’s why sensory plays though messy is my favorite toddler activity. It’s more controlled yet open-ended and keeps him “contained” yet busy while learning leaps and bounds. Sounds great, right?

My favorite sensory play is the Play Dough. It’s not that messy yet has the same benefits as the others. It’s cheap, easy, fun and keep children occupied for a long time.

Play Dough has a wide array of developmental, learning and sensory benefits for kids. Its the best kind of hands-on exploration. An open-ended play that use the imagination and creativity.

With the kneading, squishing, rolling and shaping involved, the fingers, hands and wrist muscles are built and strengthened perfectly developing the pincer grip needed to steadily hold pencil and scissors.

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This will last for 2 weeks or more when refrigerated even after use. It’s all natural making it non-toxic perfect for your curious little taste testers.

This homemade play dough can provide hours of fun and learning. Making it is quick and easy unless you want to include your toddler then its a major clean up after.

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Do you like play dough too? Have you tried doing it at home? Try one now and let me know how it goes with your toddler on the comments section.