7 Telltale Signs You Live With A Toddler

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The moment your baby presents himself to the world and belches his first cry, a mother’s life is forever changed… And so does the home.

Yes there’s the newborn stage, breastfeeding, vaccination, learning how to crawl, walk and others. But let me focus on the obvious things. The day to day changes of how your once peaceful and serenely clean home has now become a war zone.

A few years after the baby’s birth, you can see from every corner of your house including its walls and floors, A Toddler Has Truly Taken Over…

Why I claim this? Well let me tell you why and I bet you’ll agree 100%. Let’s get started then.

1. The big baby stuffs on all corners

It is ironic that a tiny person would own so many big stuff. Take a quick scan of your house and you will know what I mean. From the crib, stroller, walker, his bike, high chair you can see them on plain sight.

You think after their first birthday that you may keep some items but some things just serve a dual purpose.

I am one of those mothers who converted their crib into a toy dumpster. And how about the high chair that is now his table for toddler activities? Well, a few months from now he’ll be turning two and its definitely time to get them boxed and stored (and maybe recycled for the next baby).

2. Learning charts on the walls

When the baby has reached toddler age, we automatically think of starting teaching them basic lessons like shapes, colors, letters and numbers. I mean who wouldn’t want to raise a genius, right?

And soon the wallpapers become covered with different charts. It will first start in the bedroom until eventually the chart invasion reaches the kitchen and even the garage! And all because we believe that visuals are best tools for our little loves to learn.

3. Lots of baby clothes

Think about it. They have such small bodies and yet they are the ones who occupy most of the space in the closet. There are just too many baby clothes!

From the lovely onesies you received from the baby shower, to that adorable outfit he wore for the Christening. And admit it, those newborn clothes that you just can’t let go because of the memories.

4. Photos everywhere

If it wasn’t a chart, it would be a blown up photo of your child on the wall, framed ones in the living room and a mini size in your wallet.

And your phone… Is that even yours anymore? Open your phone’s gallery and I bet you have multiple shots of your child either eating, playing, sleeping or sitting. I mean, all angles have to be taken, right?

As for your social media accounts, I know it says your name in the profile but other than that your toddler has completely taken over because it seems everyday there is a cute photo that you want to post.

5. Mess everywhere

“Please excuse the mess, the children are making memories” – I live by this quote to keep my sanity. Because seriously, your toddler can really do damage. Lotion on the carpet, anyone?

Mess must be any toddler’s middle name. Those sensory play that claim to be super effective to help your child learn? Translation: Super clean up, indeed!

But as exhausting as it may sound, we learn to adapt and accept that that is how they are. Let’s just hope for the best that we can train them to clean up after themselves the soonest.

6. Wipes as an essential

Funny mom meme wet wipes

Tissues don’t work. Bib? No, thank you. It has to be a wet wipe. From drools to pee, to anything sticky and somewhere in between, it is a job for a wet wipe! So anywhere you go in the house, there is always a wet wipes pack visible. You don’t want to run back to the room for an emergency drool, I’m telling you!

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7. Silence is not peace

Once you have a toddler in the house, silence will completely take a new meaning. From peace to suspicious. This is a proven theory. I am more at peace if there’s banging, screaming and noises as I know what my toddler is up to. But when everything is too quiet, I suddenly become alert. Because it usually means that my toddler is doing something mischievous. Or maybe just sleeping. Sorry, I’m paranoid. But I’m sure other mothers can relate.

8. Screen Time

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Clearly, A child’s presence impacts everything and everyone.

The change is so tremendous it may rattle you at first. But in time you will learn to live with, because it is a choice that every loving mother would make.

Just cherish every moment and embrace the chaos just like you would embrace your own child. Remember, they will only be toddlers once.

How about you? What are the signs that your toddler has invaded your home? Tell me about it and let’s share some thoughts on our little monsters.

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  1. Yes as loud and messy they are, I will surely miss this moments. But for now I hope to have a little shower for 5 minutes break.

  2. Momma sis, that point will come when like Michelle Obama you will decide not to “sweat the small stuffs”… it’s a stage like the ones before and to come and we wouldn’t get them back. So am settled for fun more than fight lol

  3. Sanity is needed the most to keep your Home Inc running. I hope more responsible means less chaos and mess to your household😊

  4. I just turned over power to the 3 musketeers I find around here and told them it is now a business called Our Home Inc… we need to run on a profit not loss and they have reached the age where they can be more responsible and run the day to day affairs of the business. I need my sanity too right?

  5. Even though I do not have a child myself, I feel very connected to your stories and advice. 🙂 I can’t wait to read more.

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7 Telltale Signs You Live With A Toddler

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