8 Things I Do To Save Money On Groceries

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Shopping and Sale. I used to associate these words with my clothes, shoes, and bags before but now they’re equivalent to Groceries! This is now my retail therapy. Do not feel sad for me because I really enjoy it as it serves as my mini ME time aside from the usual series watching, social media surfing and eating I do whenever Seb is down for the night.

And so being at it for a few years now, I think I can claim a little expertise on the subject and since Inflation reach its peak now and can really be felt, this seems to be a negative impact of the TRAIN law but let’s not get to that.

As I was saying, now that all products and services have become pricey I want to share my little ways of saving in one of the biggest factors where the household budget is allocated. GROCERIES.

8 Things I Do To Save Money On Groceries (

8 Things I Do To Save Money and Budget On Groceries


If you want to stay on budget then this is a must to avoid extra items riding on your grocery budget. Also, you can focus and read items more carefully, even to the point of comparing two items side by side leisurely.

This is an excerpt from My Simple Self-Care Ways to Be A Happier Mom post

Another thing, It serves as my mini MOM ME time. Where I can just go on my usual pace, actually listen to music and sing along (I have my earphones on while shopping). To avoid Mom Guilt for not bringing my baby I buy him a snack or toy so he is excited to open them once I am home.

Also, I make sure to have a day where I bought my toddler to the store just to buy snacks. It’s one of our bonding time and he gets to choose the snacks he wants himself. One trick I use – put on canned goods in the cart so he has something to stock, pile up while we go rounds and it is effective!


The term “Takaw Tingin” has its basis. You feel the need to have it all because when you’re hungry everything seems so tasty right? Grab a bite first before going in. You’ll see its effect in your receipt afterwards.


If you are the type who shops every payday then most likely you already have a grasp amount of your groceries for the necessities only and know how much it spikes up when you added the luxuries. Bringing a calculator and adding in price of every item may be a tedious task but it serves as your guideline to be aware of your budget limit.


I’m sure you have your tried and tested products already and they sure come with the common brands we see on TV commercials. But do you really need a branded one for your iodized salt? baking soda? eggs? And other what nots. There are branded items worth purchasing and there are some that generics will do. It costs less but serves the same purpose. Once its out of that packaging you see no difference.


I do this for detergents, shampoo, soaps and other long expiry products because I find sachets too non-earth friendly to the point of just being inconsiderate. I also like those products with the +20% more claims. Wether its true or not, I fall for it.


There are usual deals in soy sauce and vinegar combo, toothbrush and toothpaste, napkins and pantyliners, diapers and wipes. Either they are priced less or you get a freebie item, which usually are trial packs.


This does not take too much time, just stop in one corner and look into your basket to check your items and see if you missed anything or some pricey item/luxury had been in (that’s not supposed to be there).


We know how this works and if you are consistent enough, points accumulation is a breeze as one grocery trip costs more than a thousand now. And if you reach enough points, it can be use to purchase.

infographic grocery savings from

8 Things I Do To Save Money On Groceries (

Remember, sticking on a budget is good but not to the point of sacrificing quality. Smart shopping is key. Knowing your brands and when to settle should be balanced.

There goes my list and I hope this has given you some tips to apply on your next grocery shopping.


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  1. Shopping when hungry is a HUGE mistake I’ve made wayyy too many times! I always get way too much, because I’m hungry and think I’ll eat it all, and often find myself tossing food 🙁

  2. Agree with not bringing the kids because they are hoarders! I go with them on special “buy your snacks day” instead and it serves as bonding time too.

  3. Shopping with the spouse is okay as long as they’re not that type to keep on adding on the cart🤣 We all have our own strategy in budgeting and its never silly to implement things that will put more money in the pocket. Thank you for reading my post.

  4. These are great tips, many of which I use. I do, however shop with my spouse, but we rarely venture away from the list. Never shop with children is my #1 rule. Your article helped me know I’m not crazy about the silly things I implement while shopping. Thanks

  5. I used to follow all of these tips very closely when my children were growing up and our budget was tight. Time to get back to it even though it’s just me and the hubby. Saving money is always a GOOD thing! Thanks for the reminder!

  6. I love grocery shopping. I do not like any other kinds of shopping but I can easily spend hours at a grocery store comparison shopping.

  7. Its time to get them back as its really effective and who do not want more savings that you can allocate to other things. Thanks for reading my post.

  8. Shopping hungry is my top mistake and shopping alone keeps me focused both on the products and my budget. Thank you for reading my post.

  9. Yes to shopping alone! With my crew I get distracted and even with a list I don’t buy what I need and buy what I don’t need. Shopping while hungry is another mistake I do. Great tips!

  10. Social media has made food shopping alot less of a chore for me. These tips are great remember. Just enjoyed 10 cents of gas today because of my grocery store rewards. Great post!

  11. I am guilty of adding too many snacks on my cart too. It really makes me spend more way beyond my budget😑 And so to avoid it, I go eat first before shopping and it really worked!

  12. I deffinately need to eat before going shopping and do a once over of my trolley before walking to the checkout. I always get home and realise I’ve added extras in that I didn’t need but added cos they’d be a quick snack, often it’s something with a short expiration date too 🤦. Great tips 😊

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8 Things I Do To Save Money On Groceries

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