How To Get An EQ Freebie Diaper Sample

Don’t you just love surprises?

It has been weeks since I signed up for their free diaper sample advertisement in Facebook so receiving a package via delivery from JRS really was a surprise.

And upon opening it… “Oooh nice!” was my reaction and it came with a big smile and satisfaction.

They sent me diapers both in newborn and small sizes (which I think is well thought of since my baby may have grown much for the newborn size) also they put in the baby wipes for its usefulness in the diaper changing process.

I simply LOVE it.

So for First Time Moms like me, I encourage you to visit EQ Diapers Facebook page and sign up for this freebie as it can really make your day and for a good few minutes veer your mind off your incoming labor pains.

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  1. Sana mabigyan ako ng diaper, para naman po mabawas bawasan ng kaunti ang kailangan naming bilhin, sadyang kapos lang po talaga kami sa pera ngayon ehh. Patulong naman po. Salamat po.

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How To Get An EQ Freebie Diaper Sample

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