Clinica Antipolo Hospital Tour

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3 months before my due date, I opted to have a maternity hospital tour in Clinica Antipolo.

The hospital is one of my options to have my baby come D-day. Its 25 minutes away from home and is fairly new considering it opened last 2012.

Clinica Antipolo Hospital Tour

The maternity rate depends on your doctor. Mine was priced at Php 40,000 for normal delivery and Php 70,000 for Caesarean delivery.

As per their admitting department, the maternity package comes with a private room (Php 1,700) but upon checking the room its too small. So if you want to upgrade to regular private room (Php 2,000) you cannot use the maternity package anymore, instead you will be billed on an itemized basis.

Semi-Private Room (Php 1,500)

Clinica Antipolo Hospital Tour
Clinica Antipolo Hospital Tour

This is quite a pickle as I prefer the regular private room. Actually its just the same in terms of room features, the only difference is the room size as it can accomodate more people/visitors and a much better view.

Regular Private Room (Php 2,000)

Clinica Antipolo Hospital Tour

We’re able to see the operation room, delivery room, nursery, NICU, chapel, lobby and all other facilities in relation to the maternity tour.

I asked if they allow a companion during delivery and they said NO due to sterilization but I’m still thinking of pushing my OB to agree to have my spouse with me.

*** Update: I asked my OB If my husband can go with me in the delivery room, and she said it depends on him. Based from her experience, some husbands tend to disrupt the labor due to panic or a different reaction upon seeing all the bloods and stuff.

Lobby and Reception Area

Clinica Antipolo Hospital Tour

All in all, the hospital seems new, clean and not depressing to visit as most hospitals are. They even have a pianist performing in their lobby resembling a hotel ambience.

The parking lot is quite limited, and the nearest establishments are 5 minutes away in Robinsons Place Antipolo.

*** I’ve been looking for Clinica Antipolo reviews online especially from other Mom’s blog and forums but can’t find any. If ever I’ll be having my delivery here I will post one.

I didn’t had my labor here, We went to Manila East Medical Center instead as its much closer to our home.

Additional information updated as of September 30, 2016: If you have an HMO Maternity Benefit (mine was Asianlife which is 30,000 for CS delivery and 20,000 for Normal delivery) and plan to avail the hospital maternity package, you cannot use it.

What will happen is you’ll be considered as a private patient meaning your maternity hospital fees will be computed on an itemized basis. So it will be more costly a few thousands but I think I’ll be taking the risk instead of not being able to avail the HMO’s maternity benefit.

I hope I am able to explained this clearly or pretty much is understandable 🙂

Clinica Antipolo Contact Details

Address: Lot 4 Sen. L. Sumulong Mem. Circle (Taktak Road) Dela Paz, Antipolo City
Contact numbers: 695-9480 to 87 | 695-9435

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Clinica Antipolo Hospital Tour

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