My Disappointing First Ultrasound

Days after my big fat positive in 3 pregnancy tests, I scheduled to see an OB-GYNE.

She asked me when is the date of my last period to know how far I am on the pregnancy. I was exactly 4 weeks then when I went to her.

The doctor did an ultrasound and found nothing. No sac or embryo as what I would have expected to see…

Then she continued to explain to me that my uterine lining seems thick and that it is a sign that pregnancy may be on its course. Maybe is a word that struck me as there’s a possibility that I’m not.

But since I tested positive in a PT, It means that My HCG levels are onto something, It can be that fertilization is in process and may have 2 results…

Pregnancy or Ectopic Pregnancy

Asking her what ectopic means – the embryo implants somewhere other than the uterus: which results to unsuccessful pregnancy that’s in need of surgery to remove from your body.

That makes me sad all throughout. The possibility of losing and such false hope envelopes me 🙁

Anyway, she advised me to take folic acid and drink anmum in preparation for the pregnancy if it progresses and asked me to see her on my 8th week for confirmation.

Leaving the clinic close to tears, all I can do is pray, think and wait for the longest weeks ahead.

Update: It’s confirmed we have a baby on the way! 

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My Disappointing First Ultrasound

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