Our Wedding Suppliers Review 

My Wedding prep days are over for I am now officially married!

This post serves as my suppliers’ review for everyone that helped us in our Wedding. I looove our suppliers. They didn’t disappoint, though some didn’t perfectly nailed it.

Anyway, here’s the review:
5 – highest and 1 – lowest

❤️❤️❤️❤️ Church: Our Lady of the Abandoned Church, Marikina City (7,000)

Our Wedding Suppliers Review (www.tribobot.com)
Our Wedding Suppliers Review (www.tribobot.com)

We chose the Church for its location. As mentioned in my other posts, My husband and I compromised as he’s from Montalban Rizal while I’m from Taytay. And so Marikina it is.

Another big factor is I fell in love with Kapitan Moy at first visit and we soooo love the concept of “isang tawid lang nasa reception ka na.”

They start the march right on time. Our Priest is very helpful and sincere. However, the choir which is supposed to be part of our payment is not there and for that, yes, acapella it is 🙁 there’s no other wedding after us and so we took our time with our photo op.

J.P Rizal St. Sta. Elena, Marikina City | 646-1781

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Reception Venue: Kapitan Moy (15,000 with 2,000 security deposit)

Our Wedding Suppliers Review (www.tribobot.com)

Tip: If you want to book it, book early as the slots are easily filled up specially during peak season for not only weddings are held here, but many other celebrations.

The place is perfect for a classic wedding. They also have an elevator for seniors, the place can accomodate around 300 guests.

We didn’t get any lights supplier as we have a day wedding and there’s already chandeliers in the venue. The sound is loud and clear, they also have their own sound operator. For the mic, you will be the one to provide batteries.

*** We’re only able to get 1,000 of our security deposit as they deducted 500 each for the electricity consumed by the projector and photobooth. My problem is the 1,000 refund is in check by veterans bank which for me is quite a hassle.

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❤️❤️❤️ Caterer: Ma Del’s Catering (560 per head x 110 guests)

Our Wedding Suppliers Review (www.tribobot.com)

Our reception set-up is beautiful just as we discussed during meetings. The food is great and so are the waiter’s service.

Though we have some issues but not that major to break the reception: We forgot about the releasing of doves, though its there they didn’t remind us about it, the desserts are not packed together with other left overs,

And they printed the wrong menu card (the bride created her own menu cards, table numbers and VIP name cards).

Communication with them is hard. A month before the wedding my coordinator keeps on calling and sending them messages but they did not even reply or acknowledge, even a few days before the wedding.

So imagine the uneasiness and stress we feel for that! Anyway, the good things is they did deliver but still that’s not really professional in my opinion. The client needs to be updated and acknowledge… Always! That’s a must.

48C Dr. Pilapil St. Sagad, Pasig City | 641-3423 | 655-1112 | 09167802705 | 09989765001

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❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Wedding Gown: Twin Kailey 

Our Wedding Suppliers Review (www.tribobot.com)

My gown was on display when I first saw it. Upon fitting, I’ve decided that this is it but wanted to tweak a thing or two in the design. The gown comes with a free set of accessories already which is a plus.

It was quite a steal actually. Though I am still quite hesitant with the timeline if they can finish my gown on time. My wedding is January 7 but as early as end of September I already look for my wedding gown and to my surprise were able to take it home by 2nd week of November.

Imagine the temptation to fit it when you see it everyday in your bedroom in its box, all sparkly and white! Much to my then future MIL’s constant reminder of that pamahiin – but since everything came out fine on our wedding day – I guess its safe to say that I did fit it SEVERAL times hahaha.

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❤️❤️ Flowers for Church and Entourage: Anne Flower Shop (Php 5,000)

Our Wedding Suppliers Review (www.tribobot.com)

The lesson here is “you get what you pay for”. Anne is easy to transact with, there’s no problem with their delivery and set up which is on time. But the most important of all which are the flowers themselves were a disappointment.

The bridal bouquet is very bulky and heavy. The flowers are not that fresh, and it really is not presentable. I am quite a settler if its “pwede na” but this one is definitely not okay.

The good thing here is though it didn’t look good personally, its not that bad to look at in pictures. The bridesmaids’ flowers are really ugly (sorry) and lifeless. As for the flowers in the aisle, its okay. I didn’t really get to look at it closely because I’m quite high during the ceremony.

Anyway, I mentioned during our wedding planning that flowers aren’t really my priority as its the first to wither and thrown out after the day, but now I have the what if moments.

I guess I should have given thought on getting artificial flowers instead that I can keep, and may have made my wedding bouquet a hard to let go item.

Concepcion, Marikina City beside Immaculate Concepcion Church

❤️❤️❤️❤️ Wedding Invitations: Quirky Dots (Php 5,000)

Our Wedding Suppliers Review (www.tribobot.com)

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The invitations came out classic and timeless. The revisions and timeline is erratic but they made it work. The owner is my good friend and I am forever grateful. Will definitely recommend if your looking for that “quirky” invitation.

❤️❤️❤️❤️ Photo and Video: Don Tapan Photography (15,000)

Our Wedding Suppliers Review (www.tribobot.com)
Our Wedding Suppliers Review (www.tribobot.com)

We’ve met Don from one of our events at work.

So he came to mind when we’re looking for our p/v supplier which we hope were inexpensive yet very professional and have the magic shots.

Since I am a graphic designer, I didn’t ask for a same day video. Also I didn’t ask for wedding album to lessen the price. We simply asked his team for a raw photo and video. We’ll just save everything in a hard disk after the event.

But the good thing is, Don provided us with a same day photo presentation on our wedding to show the guests during reception. I am already set that I’ll be the one to edit our wedding photos, but much to my delight the shots are print ready. All photos look amazing!

As for the video, they also sent us a presentation a month after the wedding but I’ll say the photos are better. Don and his team are easy to work with. They are all very young, under 25 I think yet all pro.

One more thing, since my then fiance and I are not that into posing and modeling stuff, we veer away from pre-nup shoot as we don’t feel comfortable doing them.

We decided to avail a wedding photo album too which will cost Php 5,000 for a leather bound, 150 pictures and 8×8 size. But unfortunately it hasn’t progress yet as I’m still not able to choose the top photos.

A super nice fact: Don Tapan was trained and is one of Toto Villaruel and Nicolai Melicor’s junior photographer.

❤️❤️❤️❤️ Lights and Projector supplier: RGB lights and sounds (Php 5,000)

We booked them during a wedding fair in SM Marikina. The owner is very easy to talk to and gives a lot of information about their product that helped us decide which one to avail.

They were on time during the preparation. The only down side here is the projector is okay but some pictures didn’t register with their right color. Some seems a little dark for me. But that I can let go as its not a deal breaker.

We decided not to avail any sound system as we find the inhouse sound system of Kapitan Moy to be working fine. And since we have a morning ceremony and reception, the natural light and the inhouse light available in Kapitan Moy has been enough, we just availed stage lights for the couple’s stage to stand out.

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Bridesmaid Infinity Dresses: Cruella@co (Php 1, 250 each)

Our Wedding Suppliers Review (www.tribobot.com)

All transactions are online even the payment. I first saw them in Instagram and because of great reviews I decided to order my bridesmaid’s dresses. Camille is very friendly and professional.

But because the order falls on a Christmas holiday, we decided not to have it delivered but to pick up the items to avoid delays.

Their patahian is located in Welcome Rotonda QC. The dresses were pick up on time and fits perfectly (well, because they’re infinity dress haha) but we have one slight problem as one of my bridesmaid is very tall so the dress is “bitin”.

Unfortunately, It fell right after Christmas so imagine the holidays and waiting game. She does the adjustment free of charge and we pick it up 3 days before the wedding, whew!

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Emcee: Lucette Dela Rosa of LDR events (Php 4,000)

Our Wedding Suppliers Review (www.tribobot.com)

We booked her during a wedding fair in SM Marikina. I first saw her hosting in a friend’s wedding and find her very entertaining, fluent and organized.

Actually, I am thinking of just asking some friends to do the hosting but decided that with a professional host we can never go wrong. Also, I’ve attended a few weddings where friends acted as hosts but didn’t deliver well.

Anyway, she once booked she discussed the program flow and asked our inputs as well. And come wedding day she did a job well done. The guests also commented on her professionalism which I think is well deserved.

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Hair and Make up: Vicel Enriquez Artistry (Php 8,500)

Our Wedding Suppliers Review (www.tribobot.com)

For me this was a splurge. But because HMUA is a deal breaker for a bride I decided to go with it.

Anyway, to feel confident and beautiful in that special day is every girl’s dream, if it was a miss you can never go back and you’ll forever have the photo. Either you love your look, or totally hate it.

Ayoko magsisi so keri na ang Php 8,500.

I had my trial make-up in Vicel’s place in Marikina and It was love at first look in the mirror (if there’s such term).

Come wedding day, She is the first to arrive in the hotel 10 minutes prior to call time. She’s friendly and easy to get comfortable with. I loooove both my ceremony and reception look. I did received great compliments and felt very beautiful which is all thanks to her.

She and her partner, the hair stylist are very helpful during the whole day, even if it isn’t already their scope of work which I am very grateful for.

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Hotel Preparation: Marikina Hotel (Php 3,500 per room)

Our Wedding Suppliers Review (www.tribobot.com)

This was the closest hotel in OLA Church. It’s not as grand but its efficient.

Anyway what we’re after is proximity and functionality and the hotel is all that. Parking is available, their lobby is comfortable and quite grand. The hotel staff are very helpful too.

The rooms are all the same size with just different set ups, They have complete amenities such as AC, ref, TV and separate bath. Not as elegant but definitely clean. It serves what it needs to and for that its very recommandable. Definitely a steal.

❤️❤️❤️❤️ Wedding Cake: Estrels (Php 3,500)

Our Wedding Suppliers Review (www.tribobot.com)

Estrels is loooove. It is delicious! And so I decided to have this as my wedding cake simply for its taste. Their https://www.tribobot.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/1.png are all too girly, flowery but a classic.

And so we ordered a two layered round caramel cake. The downside here is they do not deliver.

And since we have a morning wedding, a day itself pick up is quite a risk with it being a weekday and travel time from QC to Marikina, traffic is a concern. And so we decided to pick it up the day before.

The only hassle here is that due to transpo placement, my father has had it lopsided and so the flower decors at the back of the cake were ruined. But it isn’t much of a big deal since its only in the back and the important thing is its still intact two layers and all.

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❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Photobooth: Pretty Prints Photobooth (Php 7,000)

Our Wedding Suppliers Review (www.tribobot.com)

I saw their Instagram account, liked it and contacted them for booking. We worked on the design thru viber.

The package we availed in for a 3 hours service, strip layout with 2 prints for every set. One for the guests and the other for the free guest book they provided.

They arrived on time, did the set up and did a great job. The guests especially my sister loooove their shots, it has a very flawless filter I don’t know exactly how to describe it. The props are adorable to choose from. It is us who surrenders to it.

This served as our Guest Souvenir.

They are the last ones of our supplier to pack. Ms. Kristine Mata, the owner is very nice and approachable.

But what I liked most is what they delivered weeks after the wedding. 8 pieces of 4R sized picture as ref magnets. Its my favorite! They printed 4 of the couple’s pictures and 2 pictures each of the family of the bride and groom’s side.

I so love their output that I’ll definitely get them in other occassions where we’ll be needing a photobooth.

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❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Wedding Coordinator: Ms. Icee

Our Wedding Suppliers Review (www.tribobot.com)

She rocks!!! I am her first ever client. A friend and a pro she is all that. She went with me to everything wedding related. She always, always replies and get back at me for any reports immediately.

Mine as her first wedding, but definitely not her first event. She did concerts, product launching, corporate Christmas parties to name a few and she nailed everything! Will absolutely refer her to anyone who asks. To wrap it up, she’s one of the greatest person why my wedding will always be a memorable moment in my life (aside from my husband of course 😊), I can confidently say that we pulled my entire wedding just the two of us. Thanks Ateng!

A shout out to all members and readers of Weddings@Work and GirlTalk forums, you guys helped me a lot during planning. Thank you very much!

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This post is way overdue! Good things have happened since our wedding day. When I find the time and energy I’ll be posting more overdue entries, but for now the wedding suppliers’ review is all I can muster.

I hope that this blog entry may help future brides whose planning their own weddings. Feel free to ask me questions about anything you’ve read in this blog😊

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  1. Belated Congrats Mommy Neslly napakaganda nio po. Very beautiful in White. I loveyourgown simple yet elegant.. malapit Lang po pala kau Sakin. I’m from Binangonan. Kau po Taytay. Rizaleños♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  2. Hi,

    Thanks you for this article. I’m interested to contact all your suppliers, can we have their contact information? Thanks in advance.

  3. Congratulations belated!
    Wow, I learned a lot today, thank you for this detailed article. My mom and dad will be celebrating their golden wedding anniversary this December at the exact same venues. Your tip will come in handy. I’m interested to contact your suppliers:
    Hair & Make up
    Coordinator (just in case I couldn’t handle the volume)
    Thanks so much in advance!

  4. Hello! Thanks for this! I am planning for my wedding for 2018. Will definitely bookmark this blog! 🙂

  5. Hello Kamil,

    The 15,000 rate is good for 4 hours excluding the ingress and egress. For the sound system, It is pretty basic with only 2 speakers and a computer but of good quality already.

  6. Ma Del’s catering did very well on our wedding. All things discussed have been executed. Food, style and service are superb. Their prompt in response is my only issue, but still I will recommend them! Loooove their desserts❤️

  7. Hi! May I please know your feedback on Ma Del’s catering? I love the display and the styling. 🙂 Hope to hear from you soon! – Steph

  8. Hi! I would like to ask for the reception venue. 15k is for how many hours? And do they provide the sound system? Thank you.

  9. Thanks for the pictures! I finally found a way to reply back. For some reason, I couldn’t find the comment/reply button with google chrome until I found the notification for your reply buried in my emails. I’m looking at preps venues in Ortigas instead. The rooms at Eastwood Richmonde are so expensive!

  10. Actually the prep hotel had been our problem too since there’s no hotel near OLA other than Eastwood Richmonde. We resulted to Marikina Hotel for its proximity in the Church because we don’t want to risk being late due to traffic. Anyway, I’ll try to backtrack on my pictures and send you some.

    Happy that my blog helps you in your prep 🙂 Congrats on your early wedding next year!

  11. Best wishes on your marriage! We have the same church and I guess we also have the same timeslot? I got the 11 am timeslot for my January 7, 2017 wedding. 🙂 I actually have been lurking your blog for quite sometime now since I started researching for my wedding preps. I didn’t realize that looking for a prep venue within or near OLA could be such a problem. Eastwood Richmonde is so strict. Do you have photos of the lobby and room interiors of Marikina Hotel? Thanks!

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