One Week for All Wedding Requirements

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This is a special post where I try to provide information for couples who are in the same page as us. LDR or OFW type.

You’ll know what I mean when I say that completing such requirements need great time management and a well-thought plan.

Since my fiance and I are in a long distance relationship. The major issue that we have during our wedding preps is attending all the seminars that are requirements both in applying for a marriage license and completing our Church requirements.

My fiance works in Davao City. Sure the ticket price is not that expensive thanks to promos. But still getting him to take a leave from work to come home to Manila is not that easy because they have a busy project in the works.

Our Lady of the Abandoned (Marikina City)

Church wedding requirements:

  1. NSO birth certificate
  2. Baptismal and confirmation certificate with for marriage purposes label and within the 6 months validity
  3. Certificafe of No Marriage with 6 months validity
  4. Canonical interview (every wednesday and thursday). You need to fill up a form with questionnaires before you can get your schedule for the interview
  5. Marriage banns and permission to marry which will be given to your parish church and will be posted for 3 consecutive sundays. This will be given to you only after the canonical interview. My parish Church is Christ the King in Taytay Rizal and My fiance’s is in Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary in Rodriguez Rizal,  no need for pictures, we just submitted and paid 600 for each parish and they told us of the schedule where we can claim it after 3 weeks. Any representative upon claiming will do, no need for the couple to personally be there.
  6. Catechetical seminar every 1st and 3rd saturday of the month. 8:30-12nn
  7. Pre-cana seminar every 2nd and 4th saturday of the month. 8:30-5pm
  8. Marriage license with 4 months validity
  9. 2 pcs 2×2 recent ID pictures

How to Apply for a Marriage License in Taytay Rizal?

You need to attend the family planning seminar every tuesday 8:30-12nn. It consists of three parts provided by the DSWD, DA and DOH. But during our seminar, we only have one speaker who covers all three.

After the seminar you’ll get the three certificates, fill it up and submit it to the office together with a xerox copy of your NSO birth certificate and CENOMAR then pay Php 450.00 and they’ll give you a date when you can claim your marriage license.

No need for both the couple to be there, just either of them and be sure to present the receipt.

We’ve attended all seminars and have applied for all the requirements in a span of one week. I asked my fiance to take a leave from work and fly to Manila and have arranged all this in a week. Talk about a tiring one!

Please note that this process is for 25 years of age and above (we’re both 28) so no need for parents’s consent and advice.

  • Saturday – catechetical interview
  • Tuesday – application of marriage license
  • Wednesday – canonical interview, submission of marriage banns to our parish church
  • Saturday – pre-cana seminar

All days in between are spent in invitation distribution and finding the groom’s outfit which can be very exhausting! (I never thought that finding a barong can be so confusing as they all look the same to me. Personally, finding my wedding gown is much easier because of I know what style I am aiming for. But for the barong, with the chinese collar, jusi, cocoon and any other things the sales person kept saying I’m just lost.)

I’ll be writing a separate post for the seminars to be more specific about the topics and questions discussed during the erm… Looong talks.

So there goes our week. We feel very accomplished after this. It can be done just make sure to coordinate with the parish office and tell them your situation.

There are no shortcuts here, just pure dedication to make it work. Hope this helps in your preparation in a way or two 🙂

Thank you for reading! If you find this article helpful, please share.


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One Week for All Wedding Requirements

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