St. Joseph Parish Church (Baras Rizal)

Last 2012 on my 25th birthday, I went to St. Joseph Parish as I have always been fascinated with its history and architecture. Rustic and traditional are the words to describe this piece of heaven atop the municipality of Baras Rizal. Right there and then I decided that that will be the Church where I’ll get marry…

Imagine… this Church is around 300 years old!

St. Joseph Parish Church (Baras Rizal)
St. Joseph Parish Church (Baras Rizal)

If you’re into old things like me, you will want to have a traditional wedding here. As I walk down the aisle I imagine hearing a Tagalog song as I think It will be best for the ambiance.

Above is a sample wedding set up that Ms. Dianne showed us, there is another option where there’s a white cloth in the aisle, but I prefer this one. You can add more flowers and have a say on the arrangements just tell them what your vision is and work together.

Wedding Package

Wedding Requirements –  Latest and original copy of the following for Marriage Purposes:

  • Baptismal Certificate
  • Confirmation Certificate (with 6 months validity before the date of marriage)
  • Marriage License
  • If civilly married: Certified photocopy of Marriage Contract

* If not yet baptized or confirmed:

  • Certificate of no record coming from the Church where you possibly being baptized or confirmed.
  • Certification from the Parents

Wedding Fee: Php 7,000 – Wedding with mass and decoration (flowers, carpet and choir)

* Additional charge of Php 500.00 for video electrical consumption (If any)

* Payment will be done one week before the wedding. Php 500.00 Reservation Fee. Non-refundable but deductible.

Look for Ms. Dianne.

No weddings on Sundays

Additional Notes:

  • There are lots of space for parking
  • If you have a particular song in mind for your wedding march, you can have them play it.
  • No additional fees for Bride’s closed door entrance
  • If your entourage’s dresses are revealing you have to wear a shawl during the mass
St. Joseph Parish Church (Baras Rizal)

Well there goes my first choice for the Church. As I continue with our wedding prep, I’ll keep you posted on other different rates and information of the suppliers… and anything related to the wedding.

St. Joseph Paris Church in Baras Rizal
Office Hours: Monday to Sunday
8AM – 5PM  |  Break Time 12NN – 2PM
Contact Numbers: 861-3155 /  0916-4088-952

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St. Joseph Parish Church (Baras Rizal)

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